This Week’s Favourites – July 23rd 2010

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In this week’s roundup of creative goodness, we have a fantastic photo manipulation tutorial, a terror style movie poster tutorial, a bright cosmic illustration tutorial, an overview of modern day icon design and an inspiration roundup of Tron Legacy promo art.


Follow this tutorial from Tutorial9 to create a fantastic cloud jumper abstract photo manipulation.

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Outlaw Design Blog

Create a old style horror movie poster with this Photoshop tutorial from Outlaw Design Blog.

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Design Instruct

This tutorial from Design Instruct covers the process of creating a bright meteoric composition complete with awesome light effects.

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This second article in a two part series from PSDTuts explains the theory and history of icon design right up to the modern day icons we all love.

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Fill your mind with colourful inspiration with this roundup of Tron Legacy promo art from Abduzeedo

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  1. I will one day make this list. ;)

  2. Meghan Glass says:

    Hi Chris,
    inspirational roundup, as always… well, ok, almost always ;)
    Design instruct made me smile since it’s nice to see a really good tutorial made by one’s homeland fellow.
    Thanks for “Know your icons” article, useful text.
    And Tutorial9 & Abduzeedo are outstanding, just as you, almost always ;)
    No favourite this week. Hard to pick one!


  3. Cool roundup Chris, thanks.

    PS: Callum, waiting forward for that day mate! :)

  4. laosaaaa says:

    yes is good

  5. laosaaaa says:

    (((( ))))This is a great online shopping site

  6. Chris Da Sie says:

    That’s a pretty decent set this week. Well done pulling those together. Earlier I had a lot of fun with the terror style movie poster. You never know when you might need to be able to design something scary.

    Cheers and thanks.

  7. Habieb says:

    I like tutorial from designinstruct

  8. Some very cool Graphic Design resources there Chris. Thanks for sharing

  9. Ilie Ciorba says:

    Good RoundUp Chris, that tutorial from Design Instruct was really awesome!

  10. Adam Cooper says:

    Great resources here.

  11. ktc says:

    very cool Graphic Design Wowww

  12. Çok iyi gerçektende bravo böyle bir yazı için

  13. PsdDude says:

    I like Tutorial9 tutorial :)

  14. Thanks for sharing these resources – very useful!

  15. ychty says:

    That is what I was looking for! Great:)
    Thanks, Chris!

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