This Week's Favourites – December 26th 2008

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I stumbled across some great posts for this week's roundup. This time we've got a couple of inspiring roundups of cool illustration work in the form of Snowboard and T-Shirt designs as well as an interesting article discussing the use of search forms and a handy list of the A-Z of web design!


Observin Design Blog

I've mentioned before about my love of extreme sports branding. This collection of 28 Snowboard Designs For Inspiration from the Observin Blog rounds up a range of awesome illustration work that sits right at home on these boards.



There's also some fantastic illustrative design work to be found on T-Shirts, this compilation of 50 Terrific Tees from Inspiredology showcases a range of design styles from cute little monster characters to highly detailed skulls and gore.


Smashing Magazine

The old search bar is often an element overlooked in web design, however Smashing Magazine have produced this fantastic article documenting some great examples and offer some tips on best practices.


I am Paddy

Paddy Donnelly has posted a great idea on his blog in the form of an A-Z list of Web Design, listing the more representative sites for each of the 26 letters. Check out the post to see where to head for your inspiration, resources and knowledge.

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  1. Zach Dunn says:

    Paddy’s list was one of the most original posts I’ve seen in a long time. Nice find!

  2. the smashing magazine article is a nice example on how important it is to pay attention to detail. nice.

  3. Farrhad A says:

    Am starting to read these great posts :)

  4. Blue Buffalo says:

    Smashing Magazine is very cool! Lots of good stuff on there.

  5. Farrhad A says:

    I finally finished going through all of them! :)


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