This Week’s Favourites – December 25th 2009

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Merry Christmas everyone! In this week’s roundup of creative goodness, we have a fantastic icon design tutorial; a great website design tutorial allowing you to create a cool sidebar effect; a roundup of awesome snowboard designs; a handy web design tip to keep your site’s accessibility in check; and an overview of various usability tips.



PSDFan hosts this fantastic step-by-step icon design tutorial that shows you how to design a beautiful Google Calender icon in Photoshop. Using subtle shadows and textures the final design boasts plenty of realism.

DesignMag originally published this tutorial earlier in the year, but I thought it deserved a fresh look! Find out how to create the popular sticky-sidebar effect on your website with this brilliant walkthrough and demo.



The skiing and snowboarding season is here, so it’s quite fitting that DesignrFix have put together this awesome design inspiration rounded of 60+ amazing snowboard designs. A great resource for fans of illustrative design!



24Ways is back again this year, and has been packed full of daily web design goodies. This particular tip on the use of the :focus selector captured my attention, and provides a super useful tip for those who want to balance their websites between good design and accessibility.

UX Booth

UX Booth

UX Booth is a great place to learn about all things surrounding the topic of usability. This post titled The Weaker Side of Usability Guidelines highlights a range of uncommon usability recommendations.

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  1. Nice favorites for this week. I really like that tutorial from PSD fan. Simple tutorial, easy to follow and I love the final effect. Keep up the great work Chris, and nice re-design or revamping. It’s also cool how you branched out into the Premium content.

  2. Kimcool says: is so great!~I read it.

  3. Great roundup. I love the uxbooth. Can’t stop visiting that site

  4. Great faves for the week Chris!

    I lost most of my links and all of these were ones that were lost and now I got them back. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Dzinepress says:

    excellent roundup there and all working fine and sharing cool stuff.

  6. Tony says:

    Thanks for including our link – designrfix

  7. Now I have more and more to read and learn. Thanks for recommendations. Often Google doesn’t know what is good and the good is hard to find :)

  8. Petter says:

    Keep up the good work Chris. I found your blog by an accident when surfing the internets but now it is my favorite blog and I check it daily. Always great tips and tricks. You have revived my interest for webdesign!

  9. Michelle says:

    great list, I totally love your blog :)

  10. dvdvdv says:

    Nice links Chris. I love what it write on 24ways. It’s really what I need right now. Nice tips about :focus selector. Very simple and easy to understand. Keep the great posting. Regards, Alex

  11. W3planting says:

    great list, wondering when will my blog will hit your list :)

  12. Cool list! love the PSDFAN one!

    tow questions: how can i get a thumbnail for me at your blog (or any) and why you don’t have a: follow me on twitter button?

  13. Glad you liked the calendar icon tutorial! :D

    Great round up :)

  14. bike locks says:

    Nice round up, thanks for the help.

  15. great list, wondering when will my blog will hit your list :)

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