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  1. Chloe says:

    There isn’t one of these logotypes I do not like :) Such an inspiring post!

  2. Love this collection – you have great taste. All of them look hand crafted which creates a more personal, familiar quality. You feel like the designer has put something of himself in the work rather than just picking and using a common font.

  3. Woww… what a brilliant collection. Superb collection of logos. Thanks for all the hardwork!

  4. Rachael says:

    Fantastic set of logos. I just love vintage design so this post caught my eye straight away.

  5. Hehe nice list of vitage logos you have here :) I like them very much. I also appreciate your effort to search and post them here.

  6. AJ says:

    These are some really great logos! My favorite is probably the “Static Coffee” logo, I really like the color combination!

  7. Robert says:

    The McFly logo looks awesome :) Thank you for making such an inspirational collection.

  8. Design says:

    These logo are designed very nice, hope to see more to learn!

  9. Jack says:

    Nice… all of them by Simon Walker.

  10. Laurence says:

    My favourite has to be the fuel logo, a great example of the 50’s style.

  11. Really a helpful and interesting article. compliments come back to see you soon

  12. Teresa Warren says:

    Very nice collection! Inspirational!

  13. margo says:

    Awesome collectio . It’s pretty my website for more Glyphs and Vector Icons


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