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Fabio from over at Abduzeedo posted a fantastic article on his blog; 2007 Graphic Design Inspiration.� Featuring a collection of awe inspiring designs and artworks from a range of the top current designers, illustrators and artists.� Here is a selection of my favourites!













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  1. Marko Novak says:

    Some very nice artists. I’ve seen their work before and I was completely amazed.

  2. Danny Outlaw says:

    awesome stuff. That list was pretty killer to. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Fabio Sasso says:

    Thanks a lot for listing my post here, I really appreciate that… btw I really like your blog design..

  4. FARHAN RAO says:

    Absolutely awesome stuff, great job…..

  5. tashinorden says:

    It was way too inspiring..i mean these guys r crazy..nice stuff dude.

  6. hawk hassaan says:

    man.. those are realy owesum!! Never tout of it. keep on duin will learn by looking.. cheers..

  7. Ambrosiality says:

    wow these are absolutely beautiful.

    the horse-hairs are gorgeous!!!

  8. ehsan says:

    those are very beautiful

  9. tashi says:

    Hey that was AWESOME..never knew the power of graphics
    until I saw these..really kept me wanting for more..
    Whew!! thanx man.

  10. abbassi says:

    these are some crazy designs.
    great inspiration, but also frustrating, lol..

    love the site.

  11. Love the rose “Type” and the horse hair. Great stuff!

  12. patrick says:

    I love these! The shoe one is awesome and the one of the girl with the white block covering her eyes is awesome as well.

  13. ismail vohra says:

    Salutes for the creativity.Great work ya!! there is lot to learn in these all designs. Please mail me how can I learnt to make such graphics.It will be truly very helpful.

  14. 4ever says:

    very cool stuff, specially the 4th image…its the one i like most for different reasons

  15. Oh wow, some very beautiful works. I especially like the girl which has transparent portions of her body floating away. It is so surreal.

  16. Flywheel says:

    Depressing. I will never produce anything this good.

  17. Lisa says:

    I Digg it!

  18. Yami says:

    I stumbled upon this site by accident And now I think I have met the love of my life. lolz, Thank you. ><

  19. tess says:

    These designs are very inspiring its a wonder what technology has done for designers.

  20. What a great inspirations


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