10 Photoshop Actions to Create Instagram Style Effects

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Instagram is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone, allowing users to quickly and easily apply retro style filters to their snapshots to create trendy effects based on authentic photography techniques. You don’t have to limit these effects to your iPhone photos, this post rounds up a collection of high quality Photoshop Actions that will recreate all your favourite vintage and retro styles on your high res photos with the click of a button.

The original

It can sometimes be difficult to compare Photoshop Actions when they’re applied to different types of images, so I’ve downloaded and tested out each and every one of the actions listed below. Here’s the original shot I’ve used, compare this with the final outcome of the actions below to find your perfect filter.

The Photoshop Actions

Amatorka Action 2

Download the Photoshop Action

Black and White

Download the Photoshop Action

Pale and Bright

Download the Photoshop Action

Cross Processing

Download the Photoshop Action

Lomo Action Set

Download the Photoshop Action

Dim and Jade

Download the Photoshop Action

Photoshop Action 15

Download the Photoshop Action

Retro Action

Download the Photoshop Action

SA-Cool Action 2.02 Retro

Download the Photoshop Action

Semi-Vintage Red

Download the Photoshop Action

Vintage Effect Action

Download the Photoshop Action

Don’t forget, Photoshop Actions can look dramatically different across various types of imagery. Some of these filters may look way too overpowering on a portrait photo, but they might work perfectly on a landscape. It’s also worth remembering to make a copy of your original photo, then when the filter is applied you can tone down the effect by reducing the opacity of the Action layer over the original.

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  1. I love this! It is quite handy to know!

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  3. Alan says:

    Excellent round up Chris, definately going to snap these up.

  4. Nice collection, I was creating a cross-processing effect last week actually. These are very handy. Cheers.

  5. Nice actions, especially for photography folks.

  6. Cool coollectiooon…. :D :D Thanks Chris!!!!

  7. Awesome roundup, Thanks a lot!

  8. Katie says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks!

  9. Thrash says:

    What, no Leningrad Optical Mechanical Amalgamation (LOMO)?

  10. Jose says:

    Very Nice, Thank You!!!

  11. Resim says:

    Wow, wonderful plugin! Try for nature and landscape photography. Very nice.

  12. Francesco says:

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  14. Excellent! Many different versions of the same pic! Thanks :D

  15. I really like the instagram effect. Will try it out.

  16. TinaBeth says:

    Great. From life before iPhones camera-apps :)

  17. Great to know this! Thanks for the info. More strings to our bows!

  18. Anna Green says:

    This is very clever! However there is no substitute for a good old fashioned camera with film!

  19. toribloger says:

    Thank you very much! Be sure to come in handy at work.

  20. Daryl says:

    Thanks for compiling this list. I know there are a lot of digital effect programs out there for smart phones, but it’s nice to be able to create the effects after the fact if you’re using an old point and shoot or a standard digital camera.

  21. Hey, Have you looked at – It’s a pretty cool in browser effect…. Kinda fun to use!

  22. alamedagraphik says:

    Really cool collection, thanks Chris

  23. Mario says:

    I’m not a big fan of the vintage look. But this really works for me. The Vintage and the Dim and Jade are cool. Good work!

  24. its very nice. i like the lomo action.

  25. Astanos says:

    Looks good, thanks for the links!

  26. im a retro lover, so this rocks*

  27. Agarigi says:

    too bad, the link for the LOMO action NOT FOUND!
    love it though..

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