Posts from May, 2012

Inspiring Examples of Custom Lettering Logo Designs

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One way to create an absolutely unique logo design is to craft the lettering by hand, as opposed to selecting an existing font. This allows the designer to create the perfect logo with their own custom ligatures, tails and loops. This post showcases 20 inspiring examples of custom lettering logos, each featuring the designer’s initial sketch to show how the hand drawn scripts are converted from pencil to vector.

Art & Design Inspiration Fix for May 4th 2012

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The Art & Design Inspiration Fix pulls together a collection of my favourite graphical images that I’ve come across over the past week to give you a fix of creative inspiration. This week we have designs from Rubens Cantuni, Félix Ajenjo, Dariusz Markiw, Matthew Reilly and Ruel Jun Andaya.