Posts from September, 2008

3 Free Illustrated Scary Zombie Vector Graphics

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These three free zombie vector graphics are waiting to get their infected chops around your illustrative designs. Along with skulls and other disturbing graphics they are a popular choice for designers and illustrators and extremely fitting on the run up to Halloween!

10 Awesome SuperHero Speed Painting Videos

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The term speed painting has evolved to become the popular phrase often referring to the technique of recording time-lapse screencasts of the subject of digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. These ten awesome speed painting videos showcase a collection of extremely realistic superhero inspired artworks.

Free Illustrated Vector Sneaker Graphics

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This latest collection of free vector graphics features a set of three illustrated sneakers with a rough, hand-drawn appearance that can give a stunning and cool effect when used together with your personal illustrative work. As always, download and use freely in your personal and commercial projects.

This Week's Favourites – September 5th 2008

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It's all me, me, me this week in terms of my web roundups! With recently making the transition to freelancing on a fulltime basis I've not quite had time to document my interesting findings on the web (in other words I forgot to save them!). However I've been a busy bee in other areas so here's a roundup of shameless self promotion!