Posts from September, 2007

Photoshop Tip – Rotate Brush Between Use

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I was never a fan of Photoshop brushes until I discovered a simple feature in the brushes palette which allows the rotation of a Photoshop brush before use. This is another post that will be old news for those who already know about the feature, but it could make your day if you don’t!

Open Source Platforms for a Social Networking Website

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I have just completed a personal website project producing a Social Networking site to allow for learner drivers to sign up on the site, create a personal user profile, update their personal blog and communicate with other users through commenting, friend systems and private messaging.
To begin the project I set out testing out a variety of Open Source content management systems to find the best solution, and before I knew it, I'd looked into a huge range of potential systems and thought it would be great to summarise my findings on the best contenders…