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How to Combine Pixel and Vector to Produce Striking Artwork

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I recently completed an experimental personal design project where a piece of digital artwork was created by combining pixel and vector elements. During the process of it's production I captured screenshots and jotted down notes to present the course of the creation as a full blown walkthrough/tutorial.
There are plenty of useful little tutorials on the net explaining the use of a single tool, but rarely do you find a more complex explanation on how designer's pull together a completed project. Here you will find a step by step guide of how MY techniques were put to use to make this Snowboarder artwork.

Free Vectors – Trendy Circles

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This style of vector graphics have made their way into thousands of illustrations and graphic artworks and make a great resouce any designer’s toolbox.� I’ve come to call them ‘Trendy Circles’ and have produced a set of six variations for you to download and include in your own work.

Direct Advertising Now Available

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Just a quick note to mention that after a small overhaul of the site, direct advertising has now been made available. A couple of enquiries regarding advertising were received recently so now is your chance to grab yourself a spot.

Getting The Message Across – Environmental Ads

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After the popularity of the 1940s War Poster Inspiration post I thought I’d go right ahead and continue posting my interesting findings from the web. The latest of which is a collection of advertisements on the subject of Climate Change and Environmental Awareness discovered on Ads of The World.
These serve as great inspiration on how this all important message is put across in many different ways between the advertising campaigns. Often using shock tactics and metaphors which allow for some really creative posters.

Illustrator QuickFix – Document Raster Effects

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As mentioned in the last quickfix, there are some options in Illustrator that can catch you out. This particular one could cost you dearly if a job goes to print after overlooking this crucial option, resulting is a fuzzy/compressed and pure ugly rendering on the effects you added to your design. What we're talking about here is Illustrator's Document Raster Effects setting.