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  1. That was great! I really like the end result.
    Thank you for showing us the process.

  2. Martijn says:

    damn love the concept and the result…keep up the good stuff

  3. rmaspero says:

    That is a really nice logo and I just love the gradient in the text.

  4. Callum says:

    I regularly check your portfolio as well as your blog and this logo really stood out when you added it! I was hoping you’d write a blog post about it and here it is! I love the way you work, and this logo has to be one of my favourites pieces of yours, thanks!!

  5. Thanks for great tutorial. Nice day

  6. Jacob Cass says:

    Without reading any thing you have written, I would have to say that the logo communicates the name very well and the black n white version looks great too :) Bravo! Will read the article now :)

  7. Wow. Impressive. I love how you made the gradient work. I think a lot of times, designers will ruin the logo with a gradient, but this one definitely needed it. Like Jaob said, the B&W works well so it’s great. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kevin says:

    I love posts that describe a design process. Great article and great logo!

  9. Really good! Geat!

  10. Jay says:

    Hey Chris

    Thanks for sharing this.

    One question. You mentioned, “After conducting a little research, it occurred to me that the ribbon is a widely recognised symbol of life,…”
    Could you elaborate more on your approach to this research?

  11. Blaze says:

    Wow! Outstanding work!

  12. Always cool to see the process. Thanks for sharing this — nice work!

  13. Guys, it works in my eyes, its energy/vibrant colours represents the end goal very well.

  14. RebelDesigner says:

    very nice… vibrant / fresh / energetic / smooth etc etc etc

    Great work…

  15. Hey Chris! Very nice post! It’s cool to see your sketches, process and also read the comments here :)

    It was a real pleasure working with you on Vivid Ways, I’m really looking forward to the launch! :)

    • Thanks Jon, likewise – I really enjoyed working with yourself and Scott, certainly happy with the end result. Looking forward to checking out the site design and following the its growth.

  16. twe4ked says:

    Great, thanks for taking the time to walk us through the process it was great to see this amazing logo come from start to finish.


  17. Fred Soler says:

    Very nice work, it’s always cool to see how great designers do this kind of work.

  18. Eli says:

    Far out those colors are beautiful. Absolutely stunning guys, great work.

  19. Love the logo.

    Awesome work.

  20. Matt Hill says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing your process on this lovely and memorable logo. Interesting that I can see a very stylised version of the word “vivid” in the ribbon too :-)

    I’m curious that you start with colour concepts for presentation — the few times I’ve done logo work, I always present the B&W version first, to lock down the concept, shape, balance, font, etc. Could you explain why you work in colour straight away?

    • Most of the time I also work in black and white first, however with this particular logo being largely focused on colour I did it the other way around – Making the primary logo in full colour, and secondary logo a variation that then worked in mono/black.

      For me it depends on the circumstances.

  21. kaaliss says:

    lovely logo, and very interesting post

  22. Love the logo and the colors, but two little things:

    1) if the client ever wanted buisness cards how well wold that gradient print? (or how expensive would it be)

    2) One thing I remember from school in my identity design classes was to make logos proportional. I measured the height of your type and compared it to the length of the logo and the height of the symbol. Not really sure why but things just tend to register in our brains better when things are exact proportional heights in relation to each other.

    see the image:

    • Thanks Niki,
      RE: Printing, nowadays printers have no trouble reproducing gradients, imagine the range of colours that make up a photograph. The gradients in the logo are made up of the standard CMYK mix and the total coverage in well under limit so I’d expect it to reproduce well.
      There’s also a flat colour version which would be more suited to printing the logo at small sizes, which uses a solid areas of colour rather than the blend between them.

      There’s some good pointers there about the proportions, this one was simply aligned by eye taking into consideration the flow of the graphic above the letters. Scaling it up to the exact three x-height line would look well, and would definitely give more prominence to the graphic.

  23. Great looking logo Chris and a nice breakdown of the process.

    I really liked the all-blue ‘wave’ too, but everyone’s happy so that’s all that matters :)

  24. Gordymac says:

    This is great stuff, Chris.

  25. great post and great insights, your blog is one of the most inspirational I follow..terrific job!

  26. David says:

    Nice one Chris. This logo is really impressive.

    I think it’s a great example of a designer taking the time to listen to a client’s suggestions and generating a better product as a result.

    Top notch!

  27. Nice job Chris, Scott and Jon. Not only did you explain every step in a lot of detail, but the concept of the gradient in the text is awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the launch of Vivid Ways!

  28. As I’ve stated before, awesome logo design ^___^!

  29. David says:

    Beautiful logo, Chris. I enjoyed reading through the design process and look forward to the launch of Vivid Ways.

  30. Great to see this walk-thru. Bravo!

  31. What a concept! Awesome!!

  32. Great job Chris — looks great.

  33. killa says:

    great logo and process description :)

  34. Samuel says:

    nice walkthrough!

  35. Great Job!! Find some work at

  36. Phenomenal logo! I was wondering about color as Niki talked about earlier. Would you specify pantones for all those gradient colors if they were to re-produce the multi-color spectrum version? I’m noticing designers are starting to focus on using several colors in their logos and clients are just having their materials printed in the 4-color process as opposed to adding several pantone spots.

  37. Mr Kuzio says:

    Really good.
    The logo is so colorful, and the feedbacks are great! XD

  38. Brandon says:

    Great job Chris. Really love this concept and it’s colors.

  39. Jeremy says:

    Good job. Great logo and great post. It’s nice to see the design process and the previous logo concepts. Very impressive.

  40. Kate says:

    Your logo is absolutely beautiful. Excellent job! Your blog is so inspirational.

  41. Great work Chris. It must bring immense satisfaction to come up with such a complete design that seems to fit the concept in every way.

    I’d be interested to know, from all of your logo work in the past, how do you rate it?

  42. Marcos Cortes (Dominican Republic) says:

    Amazing…great work! keep em coming ,wish you the best

  43. Fabian says:

    Great looking design Chris! I always get a kick out of seeing a follow designers process. My gradients often look washed out can you offer any tips or tricks…I promise I won’t tell:)

  44. Chris, I love your logo/mascot walkthroughs! More so because the stuff you come up with is splendid and it’s a pleasure watching it come to life!

  45. jay says:

    very cool, your walk troughs are always insightful

  46. Kelly says:

    Hi Chris! You are my favorite blog to visit right now! FANTASTIC design as always. Can you let the folks know at Vivid that the link to the RSS feed is not working – at least it did not for me. Just goes to a copy of the page..

  47. Interhost says:

    I really like the design of this logo!

  48. Yov says:

    wow, it’s awesome.. great job…

  49. Really cool use of gradients. Subtle and not over the top. I love articles like this. It opens ones eyes to the fact that logo design is a process that doesn’t take 5 minutes. Its a gradual and unique process.

  50. Nice job, Thanks for showing how you did it in illustrator.

  51. Chris, just ran thru my rss reader and read this post. The logo grabbed my eye immediately….what a wonderful mark. Love it. Executed so well also

  52. ilz says:

    Wow, impressive work. The gradients are sick!

  53. eld says:

    great design, thank

  54. Logo designing is most definitely a process. As they often say, it just starts with a sketch, and it does. There is an initial idea and everything merges from there. Revisions then come later and by the time its done, the logo is precisely what the customer is looking for. That’s the process in a nutshell. Great post.

  55. Adam Davis says:

    I really appreciate the tutorial…now I’m waiting to design a logo with similar effects :)

  56. An awesome logo, and a really fantastic tutorial.

  57. Matt says:

    Excellent post, and an ever greater logo. good work!

  58. Sanid says:

    Wow awesome logo , thanks for posting this Chris really great job.

  59. Caleb says:

    That is absolutely fantastic…this is something I’ve been needing to the process of for a long time and you’ve delivered. Once again, great entry! :)

  60. very nice design, thanks for the tut..

  61. abadaba says:

    That’s a fantastic logo. Really modern and unique!

  62. jérôme says:

    I think the tutorial was okay nut bot awesome. You failed at explaining the most technical part of the design, this is where you assembled/cuted/joined the shapes of the wave.

  63. Andy says:

    I’m trying to understand that last argument: Spoon’s logo fails because he didn’t explain exactly how he made it?

    Are you kidding me?

  64. Mr. Dies says:

    Very well done. It’s always interesting to see a project overview from concept to completion.

  65. Nellement says:

    Really neat article,totally agree with chewdesign about this,I really like how this logo turned out,great job.

  66. liam says:

    I am now officially jealous. Brilliant work mate.

  67. Great Job!! Thanks.
    Check out

  68. That is a great logo. Have you applied a very slight grey gradiant overlay onto the text? Looks superb, even on the black, the colours work really well.

  69. om ipit says:

    i love this article…
    thanks for share…

  70. I love the organic feel and the gradient colors used!

  71. Chris, I appreciate you taking the time to put this post together about your logo design process. I think there is a lot of demand out there for this type of thing. Thanks again and keep it up!

  72. Thanks for showing us how you did it. This logo is awesome and I love the gradients.

  73. aGoosmann says:

    My very first post here…

    nice “eye catchy” Logo design, very trend lately… I like it ;)

    be careful when you send to print, I spotted some “Banding” problems in your gradients…

    I would like to see the CD Manual!!!! Certanly cool too!

  74. tianovsky says:

    wow.. this is really give me fresh inspiration
    luv the way

  75. Hoteluri says:

    Thank you very much. I was looking for a tutorial like this…

  76. ismail says:

    Thank you for your good work. I like it vey much. I think it will be helpful for me. Thanks again.

  77. Tibi Puiu says:

    Great work, Chris. Love the tutorial too. Keep up the great work here

  78. niefadja says:

    Nice tutorial.
    I love the rainbow gradation..

  79. amedia says:

    dont you see a bit of similarity to this?

  80. Le Minxxx says:

    oOooOoo I like!

  81. Very good logo, especially when the client tells you you nailed it or captured it. Always good words to hear. Every once in a while I come across a logo I wish I had designed. Nice job.

  82. L P says:

    How inspiring. Logo looks fabulous.

  83. eld9001 says:

    hi, very nice logo desing. thank you

  84. AlfredN says:

    Beautiful man, +bookmarked.

  85. Hi, I really like your Vivid Ways logo. It is full of fun. I am sure it will appeal especially to younger adults.

  86. cenzi says:

    wow!!1 its full of teh awesomE!

  87. Nick says:

    Looks great, thanks for posting.

  88. cdsturk says:

    Selamün Aleyküm,

    Your lesson is very good. I like it. I want to drawing your sytle anad i will teach my students.

    More grease to your elbow!

    Selam ve Dua ile (:

  89. BORABORA says:

    Nice concept and great work!

    Also nice to see somebody who cares about using a single colour for specific circumstances.


  90. Nice logo design bro. Awesome!

  91. Yasson says:

    Look fine!

  92. Super nice. I always wanted to know to make bendy gradients like that. Thanks.

  93. Herr Kaiser says:

    and even possible to reproduce in b/w. gratulation. pretty good work and perfectly done.

  94. gökha says:

    wow great job ..

  95. AYDINISI says:

    Wonderful logo sharing, thank you

  96. Advantage says:

    Hey looks real good man!
    Nice work. Very professional approach as well.
    Creating a logo is much more than just jumping
    in illustrator and going to town on it. xD

  97. ees says:

    wonderful logo sharing, thank you Chrish Spooner my fav. pages.

  98. De'Awn Barkers says:

    This was a great walk-through. Thanks! Very timely!

  99. The YPI says:

    Fantastic …
    really nice stuff.

  100. Franky says:

    Clean Logo. I love the final look!

  101. Top notch work! Great to see your design process. The colours totally rock!

  102. really nice work!!! ty for sharing :D

  103. Ashes says:

    Really Superb…

  104. Super nice logo!! Thanks for sharing ..

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