RetroSupply Co Emergency Retro Kit for Members

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An amazing new resource has been added to the Access All Areas section today courtesy of RetroSupply Co. This exclusive RetroSupply Emergency Retro Kit contains a bunch of handmade design resources to give your design an instant retro fix. Choose from 9 high resolution textures and 6 Photoshop brushes to give your designs an authentic retro look.

RetroSupply Co

RetroSupply Co’s mission is to bring the awesomeness of handmade goods to digital design. Their range of products make it easy for designers to add the craft and tradition of retro design to their work via textures, brushes and actions. Check out the full range in the RetroSupply shop, and receive a free Retrostarter kit by signing up for their newsletter.

RetroSupply Emergency Retro Kit

RetroSupply Emergency Starter Kit

The Emergency Retro Kit has been compiled exclusively for Access All Areas members. It contains a selection of extremely high quality design resources that allow you to instantly distress and age your designs for that trendy retro effect. What’s more, members and non-members can benefit from a 25% discount on all the fantastic resources in the RetroSupply shop using the special coupon code SPOON.

9 Shop Paper Textures

Shop paper textures

Paste one of the high resolution shop paper textures over your design work to achieve an instant retro look. The 9 tattered paper textures of Folded Parts List, Black Fax, Copy Machine Invoice, Storage Room, Broken Printer, Broken Fax, Manual Cover, Workbench and Steel Wool are straight from the repair shop to give your designs an authentic aged appearance.

6 Halftone Supply Brushes

Halftone supply brushes

These 6 halftone brushes can be used to paint additional texture or erase away areas of your artwork to simulate traditional printing methods.

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