Jungle Animals Vector Pack for Premium Members

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I’ve just finished up creating the cutest vector pack I’ve ever made, and figured it would be a perfect fit as the first premium vector pack for Access All Areas members. The set includes six detailed icon style vector graphics of various jungle creatures, specifically, a Panther, a Lion, an Elephant, a Hippo, a Tiger and a Panda. The download package includes Ai, EPS and PNG files for use in your future design projects, or to decorate your desktop as folder or application icons.

Jungle animals vector pack


Panther vector icon

Tiger vector icon

Panda vector icon

Lion vector icon

Hippo vector icon

Elephant vector icon

Download the source file


  1. Laura says:

    Wow very nice, I want to go on safari now!

  2. Melody says:

    Aw they’re adorable!

  3. Coupon says:

    Very nice well done. Can i copy your picture and vectorize them ? Ok, i was just kidding, i think i’ll become a member :)

  4. Very smart.. and cute!

  5. Very nice! Very liked illustration.

  6. wow they look so lovely.

  7. These are very cute! Thank you so much for sharing them.

  8. bono calacal says:

    wow these are cute! Thanks a lot for sharing..:D


  9. prazert says:

    cool, so cute

  10. cool, so cute taas

  11. çet says:

    thanks admins

  12. gato says:

    kool stuff … I was planing to jump unto your subscription but was low on funds…. even thought it is a blood bargain.
    hope everybody does because it is very well worth it … as i said it is a ” Bargain “

  13. Diana says:

    Hello, Chris, I really want to be member, but it is possible to pay with another payment method?



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