Exotico User Interface Pack for Premium Members

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This week Access All Areas members are being treated to another fantastic resource from the Vandelay Premier library. The Exotico User Interface pack is a collection of Photoshop PSD files containing an array of useful buttons, icons and interface elements that can be dragged and dropped into your own design projects.

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Exotico UI Set

The Exotico UI set available to Access All Areas members contains hundreds of elements spread over 4 PSD files. Each element is editable through the Photoshop layers, so you can easily change colors, text, and sizes.

Download the source file


  1. I’m sure these are better than anything I could create and would certainly save a lot of time. But I prefer not to use stock elements when possible.

  2. Alex Hutson says:

    Thanks Chris, these look awesome! :-)

  3. fred says:

    looks cool.

  4. DesignFacet says:

    Chris, that looks great.

  5. Dawid says:

    That looks amazing ;) good job.

  6. Emanuela Damiani says:

    Thank Cris


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