This Week’s Favourites – June 20th 2009

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For this week’s collection of creative design links check out a site dedicated to free textures, examples of awesome light graffiti, a tutorial on creating a watercolor effect, an illustrator graph tutorial and a Photoshop steampunk illustration walkthrough.

Texture Lovers

Texture Lovers

Texture Lovers is a new design site by Max Stanworth aimed at presenting free textures along with great examples of their use out in the design community.

Creative Nerds

Creative Nerds

Light graffiti is a photography craze that produces fantastic artwork through the use of light. Creative Nerds has this excellent collection of inspiring examples.

Drawing Clouds

Drawing Clouds

The Drawing Clouds blog has some great retro-grunge inspired design tutorials, this walkthrough in particular shows the process of creating a fab watercolour effect.



Snap2Objects has written this very cool Illustrator tutorial covering the process of creating a three-dimensional pie chart graphic through a few simple steps.



One of the latest tutorials on Psdtuts is this awesome Photoshop illustration that combines various graphics and elements to produce a steampunk inspired piece of artwork.

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  1. Thanks for including texturelovers chris in this week faves, i like how you have a concise list very much easy to get through.

  2. Great list – I’ve just posted a texture pack on Drawing Clouds :D

  3. Maged says:

    Marvelous collection
    thanx Chris

  4. mao says:

    Thanks Chris for include snap2objects (once more) your weeks favs :) cheers

  5. Mort says:

    I am forever grateful for the texture lover’s link. I peed a little when I saw it.

  6. Thanks for the mention cris and also a great collection of articles i really liked that new website you mentioned texture lovers.

  7. Thank for the mention chris and also a great collection of articles i really liked that new website you mentioned texture lovers.

  8. robin says:

    Thanks for the great links – sometimes I think I have so many useful design links I have inspiration pouring out of my eyeballs!

  9. i18t says:

    is SO SO SO HAPPY he got to talk with MUSH this morning!! :D I LOVE U!! We have 7 days left and this time nxt week….LONDON – HELSINKI!! :D

  10. om ipit says:

    Drawing Clouds inspiring me for design dark background.
    the color of DC is cool n smooth. i like it

  11. Great projection and thanks for sharing this useful links, well just need to inform you that we are running a contest for graphic designer, hope you might has some interest into it. Please do check it out when you get the time. Thanks..

    Keep Up blogging!

  12. Nice list. I think TextureLovers deserves to be on your Line25 list too :)

  13. Its great to find collections of texture to use on 3d designs and that we can also contribute to to help others

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  18. I think its good decision what he did.,

  19. slevytam says:

    Very interesting!Id like to see how far he goes and how well the word will get out.,

  20. thanks for you.. nice good document!,

  21. Jalissa says:

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  22. im better than all of you tbh.

  23. Now that is what I call awesome.

  24. Ryan says:

    Great collection of websites Chris. Looking forward to further installements.

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