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  1. All very different, yet all are great designs in their own right.

    • CamilleJB says:

      My favorite has to be the typography by Rik Oostenbroek very nice modern style there. I always like the shiny things I have to say I am a sucker for that I guess you could call me a bit of a magpie. And I just wanted to say congrats on the redesign! It looks great, very clean and user friendly. I have started a blog myself that’s been up for about 4 months now. It wasn’t supposed to be anything spectacular but I am growing more interested in it by the day and have even had a friend approach me to start one up with her too. Thanking you for your inspirational work.

      Always worth a mention :D

  2. Bodhum says:

    Oh this is wonderful! Very cute collection of artwork and very professional. I love the mustache and top hat man – he’s quite the fancy fellow.

  3. SDGSteve says:

    Drink Up is nice but the stand out is Typography2, really fresh look and feel.

  4. edgar arenas says:


  5. anthony suber says:

    cool story babe

  6. Great works! I’ve been feeling less creative lately but seeing this designs inspired me. This post really served its purpose, Chris.

  7. Rich says:

    Great tuts! thanks


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