Tips & Tutorials for Creating Custom Designer Toys

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As designers we love to put our creative mark on all sorts of canvasses. Designer toys are a popular way for designers and illustrators to really go to town with creativity, often cutting, chopping and moulding the toy into custom shapes and forms. If you fancy producing a custom toy of your own, be sure to check out these handy resources from across the web, each giving insights and tips into the construction process of a custom toy.

First, some designer toy inspiration

New to designer toys? Check out these great roundups of custom designer toys to get the ideas flowing:

Abduzeedo: Amazing Toy Art: Munny

Custom designer toy examples

Blog.SpoonGraphics: Mega Roundup of 60 Cool Custom Designer Toys

Custom designer toy examples

Noupe: 30+ Incredibly Beautiful Custom Designer Toys

Custom designer toy examples

Custom toy tips and tutorials

Fancy giving it a go yourself? Take a browse through these handy tutorials to pick up some useful tips and techniques to customising a toy of your own.

Using Sculpey on a Vinyl Toy

Custom designer toy tutorial

Illustrate a Vinyl Toy

Custom designer toy tutorial

Custom Droplet Tutorial by James Yeah?

Custom designer toy tutorial

Red Night Walker Mad*L Tutorial by Kat Brunnegraff

Custom designer toy tutorial

Custom Toy Tutorial By Patrick Francisco

Custom designer toy tutorial

Custom Munny & Helmet By Wavedog

Custom designer toy tutorial

How to Sculpt 3D Stitches

Custom designer toy tutorial

How to create your own custom Drupalicon Munny

Custom designer toy tutorial

Munny Making Walkthrough

Custom designer toy tutorial

How To Customize Your Own DIY Munny

Custom designer toy tutorial

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  1. Dzinepress says:

    really awesome designs of toy, i must digg this best post of yours, thanks.

  2. Nice article, nice toys… Thanks.

  3. Ryan says:

    Nice toys man. Good roundup. Very interesting.

  4. Annukka says:

    Thanks, just bought a white vinyl toy from a fleamarket and have been looking for tutorials on how to modify it.

  5. I never knew it was so easy (well, easy might not be the word) to find out how to make your own toys. I’ve made a toy cat out of some fluff and cut up towels once and it was a favorite with the children in my preschool.

  6. Paul says:

    Awesome. Might finally get around to doing something with the dozen munny’s I have lying around.

  7. I really like the Munny Making characters!

  8. The people who design and create these custom toys are so talented I’m jealous!

  9. dbriders says:

    Great post thanks for the links, think that i might make one myself.

  10. John Mc says:

    Without a doubt, this the best place to start for anyone interested in finding out about Custom Designer Toys.

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