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  1. jmio says:

    Wow, cool stuff – I have to try something like this! :D

  2. Mark says:

    Some stunning examples in there!

  3. These really capture the current trend of hand drawn, hand crafted design that is becoming popular. I guess it just looks more personal – less commercial?

  4. Been a fan of sketch logos as long as I’ve loved handwriting fonts (lol). The only caveat in my opinion is – aren’t logos supposed to be uberly legible? These are memorable, but in some cases you don’t get the brand name right away.

  5. ddmagstuff says:

    Great collection of very information and resources.I am very thanks for such an great useful resources.All designed abstract icons are very awesome

  6. Theresa Santa says:

    Love your collection. I just did one for a client and it was a lot of fun! Reminded me or Art Class back in school.

  7. Marri says:

    Thank you! I really liked!

  8. Saya says:

    There is a special feel in the designs originated from hand drawing that makes it so lovely

  9. Eric says:

    These are really wonderful, I especially like the Refresh Wine. Very clean.

  10. I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing such a fabulous collection. Nothing beats hand-drawn graphics…such personality.

  11. Great collection Chris, keep up the good work! :)

  12. Marc says:

    I love these logos, especially for their more “homey” and “old school” look!

  13. rahul says:


  14. ddmagstuff says:

    First of all i am very thanks from my heart for very useful and informative resources you have cover on the website.this type of informative topics and information is very very use full and guide us.

  15. Thank you Chris for including my logo on this cool list. That was actually a first version. The final logo is this one:

  16. Michelle says:

    I’m working on a logotype for a project right now, thanks for the inspiration, this came at the perfect time!

  17. pinakibgl says:

    I love these logos…great collection of very information and resources.

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