Showcase of 20 Inspiring Typography Poster Designs

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Whenever I’m in need of a quick dose of design inspiration I look no further than typography poster collections on bookmarking and pinning websites. Not only are these artworks created with stunning lettering, they also come in a variety of design styles from big and bold to floral and elegant. This post rounds up a collection of 20 inspirational typography designs to give you a creative boost.

Live Through This & You Won’t Look Back

View the typography poster design

Birth School Work Death

View the typography poster design

Sink or Swim

View the typography poster design

On Top of the World

View the typography poster design


View the typography poster design

Motorcycle Safety Poster

View the typography poster design

Tolkien Typography

View the typography poster design


View the typography poster design

You Are Important

View the typography poster design

I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed

View the typography poster design

Wander Postcard

View the typography poster design

I Care Therefore I Kern

View the typography poster design

Depalma Clothing

View the typography poster design

Drink Good Beer with Good Friends

View the typography poster design

Never Stop Learning

View the typography poster design

Make it Look Nice

View the typography poster design

Morning Has Broken

View the typography poster design

Sell My Animals to the Bird

View the typography poster design

I’ll Be The Brightest Someday

View the typography poster design

Milk With Knives

View the typography poster design

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  1. Ryan says:

    Nice :)
    There’s a nice collection on FFAF too A lot simpler in design, the the phrases and quotes are still thoughtful!

  2. Emilia López says:

    Hi!! I wonder, how are those great posters made? Photoshop and Illustrator? Im beggining in the “business”, so I would be greatful for the answer, THANKS!!! Your blog is awesome!!

    • Erlangga Maulana says:

      Hi, Emilia.
      I think those great posters is made in Adobe Illustrator.
      Rough Sketch -> Scan -> Trace on Adobe Illustrator.

      Good luck with your bussiness.

  3. Scott says:

    What a great collection.
    MOTORCYCLE SAFETY POSTER is absolutely amazing, great inspiration.
    thanks for putting this together Chris

  4. Scott says:

    they look like a mix of both programs. i normally start off in Illustrator then add the background and finishing touches in Photoshop.

    hope it helps :)

    Does anyone else have advice here?
    (it would be great to know of some different techniques)

  5. A great collection of typography designs.
    Thanks for sharing them.

    You can do most effects now in illustrator and I prefer it for illustrations. As the designs are vector they can be scaled withou quality loss and the files are much smaller so quicker to work on.

  6. Very nice collection of graphic design and typography. I love looking at type like this. The only thing I would want more in this article is tutorials on how they did this.

  7. murat says:

    Very good collection thanks.

  8. Cecilia says:

    Very interesting poster collection!
    Thank you for shareing.

  9. Drink good beer with good friends… Well, life is beautiful!

  10. odinklassic says:


  11. Rene H. says:

    Yep, I’m totally in love with the “I’m sitting on top of the world …” Poster :). Great inspirations, chris :)

  12. Stacey says:

    “Morning has broken Mr.Coffee has spoken.” describes my day so far. I love these, great inspiration!

  13. Suresh says:

    Wow Great Collection of typography poster…. It helps me for my next poster design

    I come across this creative minimal poster design article when i was in the search for creative posters.. So thought sharing it here

  14. Tara Andrews says:

    I am having a hard time deciding which is my favourite. A great collection. Love your taste and your work. You have a new Canadian fan!!

  15. friv says:

    It’s a really impressive collection, will be hard for me to choose just one picture! I think that I will choose that one with “You are important” – is awesome!

  16. Alexa Oelbaum says:

    Awesome collection, these examples really got your point across of inspiring. I try to experiment with fonts as graphics often because I think it gets you message across loud and clear without boring the viewer. In fact, this technique was used rather successfully in the new create and barrel commercial spot where bold impacted text illustrates all the offering of the company. Being an advertising student, I realize how much choosing the right font really matters because each font really does have it’s own personality.

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