20 Tutorials for Learning Digital Painting Techniques

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I’ve always loved browsing the insanely detailed and realistic artwork created by digitally painting in Photoshop, so this year I’m planning on setting aside some time to learn the basics myself. I’ve read through numerous online tutorials and have hand picked the best to share with you today. All the tutorials showcased in this post describe the step by step process and offer useful tips to help you get started with the art of digital painting.

How to draw an owl

Despite being an extremely popular subject it’s pretty difficult finding guides or tutorials that actually explain the process in detail. There’s stacks of ‘speed painting’ videos you can watch in awe, but they don’t really offer any tips or advice. There’s also plenty of design process explanations, but most seem to be aimed at advanced artists and often resemble the image above, where the design goes from a rough sketch to the completed piece in just a couple of steps! Thankfully there’s a small bunch of tutorials that explain the basics and provide useful information such as brush settings and sensitivity levels. The best of which are featured below:

Dianae Digital Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

Zombie Portrait in Photoshop

View the tutorial

Colouring in Photoshop

View the tutorial

Wonder Woman Pin Up Digital Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

Complete Digital Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

How to Draw a Portrait in Photoshop

View the tutorial

Kikisaurus Digital Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

Hannsaki Digital Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

The Making of Rest

View the tutorial

Basic Photoshop Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

Seiorai Digital Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

Making of Equilibrium

View the tutorial

Digital Painting 101 Video Tutorial

View the tutorial

How To Paint a Wolf

View the tutorial

Making of New Species

View the tutorial

The Process of Painting Natalie

View the tutorial

Advanced Portrait Tutorial

View the tutorial

Basic Digital Painting

View the tutorial

Freehand Painting with Photoshop

View the tutorial

Making of The Confrontation

View the tutorial

Skepsisfox Digital Painting Tutorial

View the tutorial

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  1. Chris says:

    The Digital Painting 101 Video is great.
    The little monster is cool and the tut is so detailed!

  2. Diana says:

    Yeah, is very hard to find complete digital painting tutorials, best ones are on devianART, Tuts+ and books. Some looks very complex as superwoman but the basics are the same for every tutorial: choosing the right color palette and pressure sensitive in your tablet (usually an Intuos)


  3. I always look for sites related to Digital Painting…and this has loads of stuff that to different style of Digital Painting.
    Thanks for the post.!
    Loved it

  4. Alisha Morgan says:

    A few months ago, while looking for tutorials on digital painting, I never even thought about looking on deviantArt. A friend and I figured out what to do by reading one very long and complicated tutorial and the work we’ve done so far has turned out really well, but I think these tutorials can offer some other techniques we can try before we’re finished with our project.

  5. israelcCKOBAIN says:

    Muy bien post, es uno de los mejores que he vizto de todos los blogs que estoy suscrito… saludos y gracias a gente como ellos, que se dan la tarea publicar sus tecnicas de ilustraciĆ³n.

  6. MG says:

    Great timing! Exactly what I need now that I have a wacom.

  7. Mark Thompson says:

    I find Adhonis on deviant art to be a constant source of inspiration for what I consider ‘high end’ digital art tutorials. Check him out over at seriously, some of the best tutorials available!

  8. Very nice selection of tutorials. I’m gonna have to try out a few of these, I’ve always wanted to learn digital painting.

  9. shreejaya says:

    This site very interesting for me and also useful information to the end user.

  10. Nora Reed says:

    Great collection of such tutorials. these are beautiful designs. it will be awesome to having this. thanks for Posting :)

  11. Kieran Hawes says:

    Thanks Chris! Recently got a Wacom intuos4 so these will come in very handy!

  12. Emre says:

    Nice and detailed tutorials, thanks for sharing.

  13. Great Site! Nice to see it all available in one; keep it u

  14. Otilia says:

    Have a look on youtube at Stephanie Valentin’s channel. There are a few Photoshop how-to-paint step-by-step tutorials, and Stephanie is sharing the tool settings she uses.

  15. Kadin says:

    Thanks for sharing these great examples.Really enjoyed these!

  16. shreejaya says:

    It is nice article and also it is a amazing article

  17. dilini perera says:

    these are very nic…
    thnx !

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