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  1. Eli says:

    Great tutorial!

  2. czhorse says:

    thans for this great lesson!

  3. moha fatine says:

    it ‘s great !thanks a lot

  4. Shaun says:

    This is a very good tutorial.. Excellent quality & very informative.. Thanks a lot.

  5. mpho says:

    the tutorials in here are handsOn and effective…much respect

  6. Marvel says:

    Thanks for the lesson! Very well written and easy to follow.

  7. DjTrex says:

    Can you please explain how to do this part?

    To create a smoother, lemon-style shape, draw a curved line with the Pen tool that follows the form of the graphic, and complete the path to form a shape.

    I can’t figure it out.


  8. admin says:


    Hopefully this will clear things up.. take a look at this screen shot:

    Where the smaller circles on each side of the large oval were combined, it left sharp angles. Basically you’re using the pen tool to create the triangle shape to follow the contour of the large oval and smooth out the angles. Do this on all four corners then Add to Shape Area with the Pathfinder then you are left with a curvaceous overall shape.

  9. P-C Lin says:

    Good tutorial for a beginner like me, very straightforward!

  10. Mark Till says:

    This is a really cool tutorial, can’t believe i’v only just found it!!!

  11. xte says:

    respect, great tutorials, great site

  12. Brainz88 says:

    nice guide
    thx very much
    really helped me

  13. Taringz says:

    You help me a lot

    thank you very much

  14. This is the same process I’ve always used :) You gotta start out with sketches, it helps tremendously. Otherwise sometimes you get lost if you go straight into illustrator. Excellent TooT!

  15. BangerRally says:

    Awesome tutorial man.

    This will give me some good inspiration in the future!

  16. JobHunter says:

    I stumbled across your website while building my own portfolio. You help me A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your site looks fantastic and tutorials AWESOME. Many thanks x x x

  17. Tsuba says:

    Good job.
    PS I added this site into

  18. Elle says:

    Hey, like your website and respect your work! Very informative articles and a joy to read.

  19. Steve Campos says:

    Great site. Question: If I want to design a logotype for my business that I will eventually register as a trademark, are there potential copyright infringement issues with using existing typefaces in my design?

  20. Thanx 4 sharing a great tutorial!

  21. shweta says:

    great tutorial!

  22. tobi says:

    i don’t think that’s a good logo. what about a reproduction in b&w. even a “web/internet or design related company” sometimes has to print its logo.

    the tutorial shows a nice graphics design work but not the right way to make a logotype.

    cheers, tobias

  23. This is very informative tutorial

  24. John B. says:

    First of all: Great Website and great Tutorial

    Now, Could you explain how to make the whole Logo look aqua (first picture)

    Thank You Very Much


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