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  1. Hey, where you based? Your stuff is awesome!!! Do you freelance?

  2. Luci says:

    Heya, nice tutorial! Pretty easy to follow, but it does assume readers have a basic knowledge of Illustrator (this days, that doesn’t always seem to be a given). If I end up using this tut’ to help with any designs, I’ll try and remember to at least drop you a ping back :)
    Thanks again, L.

  3. pelumini says:

    Nice one again. I’ll try to work this on my own.

  4. Great tutorial as usual… Extra thanks Chris!

  5. smartuts says:

    nice tuts..I’ll try this on Coreldraw


  6. Wow, very nice tut.
    Like this logo very much, will try this tut out in future!

    BTW: i like your twitter background much! :)

  7. Biron says:

    That was awesome. I have been wondering how to make a professional looking colour logo for ages now. I absolutely love your ‘vivid waves’ work and this is right up that street. Thank you so much.

  8. Rob says:

    Loved it!! Thanks Chris.

  9. Reda says:

    Very nice tutorial ! I love the colors !

  10. Fred says:

    I’m agree with you Reda very Colorful…

  11. designi1 says:

    Great tut Chris. You show us always that simple moves with creativity can be done great results. That´s why i really love to follow your tuts. Really Nice colourful Symbol :D

  12. Adriana says:

    Hey Chris, this is a really easy to follow tutorial! I love the outcome, I would see this type of colorful logo used by a die company :)

  13. beautiful work in this tutorial, i will try in other designing tool. thanks for sharing

  14. Wow. What a fantastic blog you have going for you. I totally enjoyed reading the information on your website. Keep up the great work. I will check back in a week or so for more information.

  15. Veronica says:

    Appreiciate the tutorial. Had some trouble, as I am new to illustrator. Will have to go back to my book and figure out some of the steps. =D

  16. Jason says:

    Thanks Chris! I found some helpful tips in here to help out with my logo design (which always seems to come up lacking). Keep writing. It’s always wonderfully informative.

  17. Wilson says:

    I loved it! I’ve not had much practice with the intersect pathfinder tool, so this helped me understand its possibilities. I’ve been following your blog for awhile, but this is the first tut of yours that I’ve done. Thanks!!!

  18. Epic output. Professionalism on display :) !!

  19. Outstanding Chris. You must be crazy in color and shapes a lot. Giving me inspiration every single time in my graphic design experience. No doubt

  20. Web Design says:

    Hi very nice tutorial i will try for my work

  21. Ali says:

    Simple but very powerful one, i really admired it. i wish chris will release its video version as i really feel hard to understand scissor tool.

  22. Hi , You have Very Nice Resource Collection , I hope in future also You Will Add up Some Extra Collections.I am Really Thanks For Such a Collection.
    Thanks & Best Reagrds.
    Sanjeev Kumar

  23. Fazreen says:

    Awesome outcome! I really like the logo’s color. Have been following you for awhile. Keep it up. By the way this is my 1st time commenting here.

  24. Great tutorial as usual, I really do need to brush up on my Illustrator skills so this could come in very handy. Thanks for sharing

  25. This is an inspiring tutorial, It just inspire me to create one for myself. Thumbs up :) and Thank you for sharing.

  26. great technique. I love the result

  27. Stuart says:

    Fantastic tutorial, I have just found this site… bookmarked, absolutely fantastic :D

  28. Yet another wonderful tutorial from you…the depth looks amazing..nice colors too..thanks for sharing.

  29. Damian says:

    really nice clean and simple, love your work. Cheers

  30. Carmen says:

    Pretty! I own illustrator but hardly use it. This post gives me motivation. :)

  31. Baltech says:

    It is very easy way to create a colorful Logo.You show us always that simple moves with creativity can be done great results. Thanks for this guidance.

  32. Baltech says:

    It is very easy way to create a colorful Logo. All information is very useful for this type of work. And tha process of showing theser all steps is very understandable.

  33. IOM Design says:

    Nice simple tutorial. I use Photoshop a lot, but could really do with brushing up on my Illustrator skills! :o) cheers Chris

  34. speedy525 says:

    Great tips. thanks

  35. Thach says:

    definitely seeing this trend going on alot with this style of logos. nice tutorial anyhows. great way to get designers familiar with the different techniques of creating logos.

  36. Kelly says:

    Very Nice works. Thanks for information

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