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  1. Sergi Snow says:

    Wow, great tutorial! Ur, blog is my favorite)

  2. Luan Machado says:

    WoW!! AMAZING Chris!! [-_-]

  3. Tom Ross says:

    This is incredible Chris! You’ve done well to adapt such an iconic image yet make it look so artistic and fresh! I can see this on a grungy/artistic website design (copyright permitting).

  4. As always: Brilliant tut! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Good job Chris. I really like the final look. It’s so clean. The lines are sharp and crisp.

  6. Great tutorial, and a lot of fun. Thanks.

  7. Melody says:

    This one is definitely better! They’re both cartoonish but the rolling stones one is more the subtle details of this!

  8. Hey that was a really nice post… I work in a website designing company and have quite a good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and I appreciate the post a lot…

  9. holeycoww says:

    Awesome tutorial! Wouldnt mind giving this a go just to say i did it!! :D

  10. David says:

    Why? It’s been done before. Next are you going to do an apple?

  11. Jeremy says:

    You know what, I actually prefer that tongue compared to the original Stones one! Well done it looks great.

  12. Lewis says:

    Nice and simple, I like it.

  13. paul says:

    anybody know how to save as a JPG or PNG from Inkscape?

  14. Ajay says:

    Wow that’s Awesome! Thanks Chris

  15. Mr Kuzio says:

    So cute! ^^

    It seems like a tongue in a mouth XD

    Good job! ;)

  16. Great tutorial Chris. Outcome looks amazing!

  17. elogo says:

    It`s a great tut! Nice job!

  18. Cool ! What a tutorial you have created keep it up it will help to all of designer,Thanks again.

  19. Mjim says:

    OMG! You are spilling the beans!

    You are like a magician revealing his secrets.

    Oh well…

  20. haber says:

    Great tutorial Chris. Outcome looks amazing!

  21. Sweet! Wish I had a dollar for every time I drew the Stones logo as a kid!

  22. Waasys says:

    Nice image, simple and easy to follow

  23. Ali says:

    l like this, and want to create same one, just been bookmarked now.

  24. Love it, really fun to make, refining and refining the easy skills and tacking on the difficult ones.

  25. gw says:

    i thought i was the symbol for starburst candy.

  26. ashley says:

    Look at
    It’s cool.

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