What Image Resolution Do I Need to Use? (and more!)

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Question Time is back! After hearing how many people found my old question time videos useful I decided to get back into the swing of creating them, this time with some fancy new equipment. In this week’s video I talk about websites I submit my new blog posts to and give an overview of different images resolutions.

This week’s questions

Richard Carpenter:
Whenever you release new content on your blog do you spend time submitting your content to other websites such as article directories and tutorial submission websites? If you do it would be nice to know which sites you are using.

Hi Chris, I find it hard to get to grip on terms like resolution, PPI and DPI when I make pixel based designs. Often I get stuck with questions like “Is this picture large enough to use?”, “Will my design look pixelated in the end?” Do you have any tips on this?

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  1. Nice to see you back!!.. No glasses this time ;)… The sound much better!!… Looking forward for the coming up videos…

  2. Nice to see you back
    I hope you come with much more new ideas in future
    Thanks for sharing this video

  3. Your back! Yes the sound and the video quality are great. Looking forward to the next video :)

  4. Shannon says:

    Chris – you ROCK!!

  5. Felix says:

    Thank you for these tips Chris! And the video looks and sounds great too.

  6. Steven Van Loy says:

    Hi Chris, I am Mr. Anonymous who posed the second question ;-) Thanks for the tips! Very helpfull. Video quality is great alltough the sound is a bit hard and roomy but still ok.
    Looking fwd to the next one!

  7. Pleasant to see you back
    I hope you come with a lot more brand-new ideas in future
    Thanks for sharing this video

  8. DesignFacet says:

    Great video, like your accent :)

  9. Great to see another vid :) Thanks!

  10. Good video, thanks for sharing

  11. Vladica says:

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  12. Ubersoft says:

    Thanks for the tips pal, looking forward to the next video.

  13. Nice Chris! I have always had a issue with the print terminology as well and how things look different and translate from file to print. Thanks for the explanation, helps a bit.

  14. Jesse says:

    Sound is perfect! Video quality is great. That lamp looks a bit lonely in the corner though. :)

  15. Joni Hamanie says:

    Its the first video i see of you, although i understand you used to post them a while back.
    I find this format very useful and to the point. It looks good and sound good so keep it up. :)
    thank you very much.


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