This Week’s Favourites – October 1st 2010

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In this week’s roundup of creative goodness, we have an awesome Illustrator icon tutorial, a useful web design accordion tutorial, an excellent roundup of Illustrator logo and icon tutorials, a handy guide to speeding up your website and a surreal fantasy photomanipulation tutorial.

Create a Color Picker Icon In Illustrator

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Make a Simple and Slick Accordion Menu in Photoshop

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60 Excellent Illustrator Icon & Logo Design Tutorials

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Speeding Up Websites With YSlow

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Create a Fantasy Girlbird Illustration in Photoshop

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  1. Paz Aricha says:

    Awesome stuff Chris Thanks!

  2. Ed Baxter says:

    Awesome as always, love the Slick Accordion Menu link!

  3. Thanks for list of site

  4. Great list Chris. Always bringing the good stuff!

  5. A great list like always, thanks

  6. James Cammel says:

    Can I use this template on a Free Hosting ? Very nice package..

  7. Sathiya says:

    Excellent list..its a great stuff..Thanks for sharing this useful postings

  8. Craig says:

    Thanks for the weeks round up, I will definitely look at the YSlow article, Thanks!

  9. Simon Hall says:

    Very good indeed. Thanks.

  10. Balaji says:

    Thanks for this great post – I will be sure to check out your blog more often ….

  11. keith says:

    Seriously, I have to bookmark your blog. Thanks for your post.

  12. POG says:

    Thanks for list of it..

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