This Week’s Favourites – May 1st 2009

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This week I have a bunch of creative links from my recent web browsing ventures. Topics include a tutorial to build your own lifestream, a roundup of useful Twitter tips, a great Illustrator tutorial, a list of the best grungey web designs and some inspirational print typography layouts.



My second blog, Line25 is coming up to the end of its second month since launch. It has been well accepted into the community and has already grown to 2000+ subscribers. One of my favourite posts of late was this tutorial on how to create a lifestream of your online events, so I thought I’d go ahead and dig it out of the archives for anyone who might have missed it!

Outlaw Design Blog

Outlaw Design Blog

The Outlaw Design blog recently posted this highly useful roundup of Twitter tutorials, which covers plenty of topics for both newbies and experts. Topics include basic set-up tutorials, intermediate tutorials and expert tutorials, so there’s bound to be something in there for you!


Vector Tutsplus

Ryan Putnam has written this fantastic Illustrator tutorial over at Vector.Tutsplus that really shows what can be achieved in Illustrator through the use of simple shapes and tools. The tutorial goes through the process of creating an alarm clock icon, with an excellent end result.

Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design

This extensive roundup on Pro Blog Designs features 100 of the best creative and grunge designs about. This particular style is one of my personal favourites, so this massive list gives plenty to check out for a session of inspiration absorption.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Print designs always make for a good source of design inspiration. This collection of creative print typography layouts on Smashing Magazine showcases some unique typographic designs and layouts. Be prepared for plenty of inspiration!

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  1. teebiebrown says:

    Thanks again, your site a mine of USEFUL info which helps a novice @ web design empower themselves.

  2. Thanks for the mention, nice roundup for the week! :D

  3. Technogati says:

    Your article is really appreciable.

  4. Marc says:

    Great websites!

  5. i love Line25 blog…
    your tutorial make me easy to learn…

  6. Franky says:

    Sweeeeeet Sauce!!!

  7. lovely list, i’m taking a look at the twitter tuts right now! cheers again!

  8. Jan says:

    Nice one, Chris! I can’t wait to try out the Lifestream tutorial

  9. schweet list! I’m enjoying this week’s fave!

  10. Nico says:

    Great :)

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