How I Find Ideas for New Blog Posts (and more!)

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In this week’s Question Time video post I talk about balancing between working from home and general home life; what apps I use for managing my blogs, Twitter and RSS feeds; I share some of my favourite bands; and I discuss how I decide what to write blog posts about.

This week’s questions

  • How do you balance freelancing and home life?
  • Which apps/tools do you use for managing Twitter, RSS and your blogs?
  • Who are some of your favorite bands?
  • How do you decide what to write blog posts about?

Links mentioned in this week’s video

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How To Create a Gothic Blackletter Typographic Design

Create a Detailed Ornate Heraldic Design in Photoshop

The Making of Mystic

The Battle 2010: Think and a Drink

Creating Complex Style Illustrations: A Process

How to create a melancholy model photo manipulation

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  1. Jorden Tually says:

    This has been SO HELPFUL!!! Thanks HEAPS Chris, i will sure be telling my friends about your work ;)

  2. krike says:

    again a nice video :) the audio was perfect :)

  3. Jorden Tually says:

    when you said you would be in ‘Newcastle’ i got excited because i live in Newcastle AUSTRALIA! and then i realized :( haha

  4. Bryan Abad says:

    The audio is perfect this week.
    Keep it up I love this series.
    My question is: What would you be if you wernt a designer?
    And also:
    Do you have any big plans related to design for the future?
    Thanks for these series very inspiring.

  5. Philip Brown says:

    Another awesome video Chris! Looking forward to meeting you at TAAD.

  6. LUis Lopez says:

    That answer some questions I had about you, but anyway I’ll think some ohters. I love the end. I hope, soon We’ll see a bloopers video

  7. Jordon says:

    Again very helpful video. Audio was better this time as well.

    My question is: Where did you get the idea to make a blog?

  8. Check out Sienna Skies – Truest of Colours (2009) ;)

  9. Childmonster says:

    Very heplful video !!!

  10. Laura says:

    Good video and some nice information as always! Great work on the audio!

    My question: Do you recommend any resources/sites for learning jQuery (apart from your own lovely link25 site)?

    Looking forward to next week’s!

  11. Laura says:

    Good video and some nice information as always! Great work on the audio!

    My question: Do you recommend any resources/sites for learning jQuery (apart from your own lovely line25 site)?

    Looking forward to next week’s Question Time!

  12. Lee Gustin says:

    Great vid Chris!

    Question: I know you mentioned you play MW2, have are you other current favorite video games (and fav. game of all time, any system)? PS3/Xbox?


  13. Question: How long does an average blog post take you to write?

  14. tebe says:

    You sir, have a great taste of music! Much alike to mine, that is, been listening to all of the bands you mentioned excluding Funeral for a Friend. Gonna play it now on Spotify! ;) Thanks for the vblogs, they are really interesting.

  15. Brussells says:

    Another cool episode. Agreed on the audio, much better.

    Question for you, please: How long would you spend, on average, using pencil and paper before touching the MAC, when working on a website design & illustrations? Any examples of your work?

  16. 3d animation says:

    I just love how you work and everything that inspires it. Thank you very much

  17. Much better audio! Didn’t struggle to hear you this time. Well done chris!

  18. Question: what do you think of the various freelancing sites? do you use them to find work? if so which ones would you recommend?

  19. Interesting video, I like these new videos where you answer questions.

  20. Giles Talbot says:

    Chris, have you thought about turning this video series into a podcast? Users would then be able to watch offline. *hint hint* (please?)

  21. Craig says:

    Great video on how you approach finding new ideas, and its great that you answer viewers questions, Thanks!

  22. Billy says:

    Video, audio and haircut was spot on Chris !
    Enjoyed this new series with my morning coffee.
    Keep them coming !

  23. Thank you, really nice video. This month I start a blog and I must ever have new ideas.

  24. Jordon says:

    Question: How do you go about naming your business? like line25 where did you get the idea for the name?

  25. The audio is much better this time. I’ll have to try tweetdeck, I’ve been looking for a good twitter application.

    Question: How do you make your tileable textures for your sites? I can never figure this out.

  26. thx for sharing keep it up… i’ll be dropping more..


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