Art & Design Inspiration Fix for June 29th 2012

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The Art & Design Inspiration Fix pulls together a collection of my favourite graphical images that I’ve come across over the past week to give you a fix of creative inspiration. This week we have designs from Rik Oostenbroek, Matt Edwards, Nathan Winter, Jonny Wan and Alex Perez.

2012 by Rik Oostenbroek

Rocky 3 by Matt Edwards

Just Pay The Invoice by Nathan Winter

SWING by Jonny Wan

Chastity Belt by Alex Perez

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  1. uxzeal says:

    Nice Article… I hope one day my blog ( also appears on the list…

  2. MixedMolly says:

    I love everything about chastity belt!

  3. Rodleg says:

    really nice selection

  4. Love the 3D artwork by Rik Oostenbroek! Something I want to try and start playing around with.

  5. Saya says:

    The 3d art of Oostenbroek is very nice. Reecently I found out the power of 3d filter in AI. I wrote a tutorial using it in my blog

  6. uxzeal says:

    Nice Collections Buddy

  7. steff says:

    Pay The Invoice has the coolest message ever. very interesting collection Chris.

  8. sniitz says:

    nice article. thank you.
    this helped me a lot! (:

  9. elleninga says:

    2012 by Rik Oostenbroek looks incredible!

  10. AJ Jackson says:

    Loving the Rocky illustration. Matty Edwards is one talented individual.

  11. Jim Adams says:

    Haha, love the invoice graphic – We should all get that printed on the reverse of our invoices. Great selection. I’ll keep producing illustrations and hope you pick one up one day Chris ;-)

  12. Paul Kenyon says:

    Nice selection- very inspirational

  13. Sat says:

    Great article ! Enjoyed it. Thanks.


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