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  1. Sarp says:

    I would love a tutorial ( :

  2. Jorden Tually says:

    I personally love Taby Hockey Club and the London Monarchs! Lovely!
    @Andy They are logo’s because they represent the team ;)

  3. Ian says:

    They all follow a similar style, I kind of like it but at the same time it lacks any feeling of heritage.

  4. Matthias De Vylder says:

    Damn I really love these logo styles, thanks for the post Chris!
    Keep them coming!

  5. Tim says:

    I love these kind of sports logos, think I’m going to have to try and create one for my local sports team :)

  6. @Ian, you’re exactly correct. These all follow the same aesthetic and treatment. A solid understanding of the history of a city/state would result in a much more memorable mark. These all are very exciting and fast, but just like all the others.

  7. Let’s not forget the two greatest sports logos of all time. The Dallas Cowboys star logo and the UT Longhorns logo.

  8. Jorden Tually says:

    @Pasqual I actually find both those logos to be very boring and plain!

  9. Hey your an inspiration to the world through Art… continue so our strand can maintain its thickness in creativity.


  10. Ashok says:

    Great collection…

  11. QQ群发器 says:


  12. internet fax says:

    I especially like the ones with a retro feel to them (like the College Station Engineers) It reminds me of the wartime pop art of WW2.

  13. Thanks for including my logo work for San Jacinto College in the post. I noticed that some of the readers were wondering about a tutorial for this style of logo design. I have written a project profile of the San Jac work on my logo blog here:

    Feel free to take a look.

  14. Alicia says:

    The Gorillas and London Monarchs one are awesome!

  15. Matt Walker says:

    Thanks for including a bunch of my logos. It was a nice surprise!

  16. Whiteboard says:

    I like these but as an English football fan, you cant beat a traditional logo

  17. Johnny Griswold says:

    You could have just posted a link to Fraser Davidson’s portfolio.

  18. Alan says:

    Great post, some fine illustrator skills…

  19. Shahed Ali says:

    Great round up :)

  20. Samantha says:

    Kool logos indeed!

  21. mark says:

    Simple and clean design are usually the most important aspects of good sports logo designs. The chiefs one is my favorite.

  22. Bobby says:

    These are incredible, you should consider making a tutorial

  23. Some very cool logos there. Timberwolves and West Sydney Pirates are probably my favourites.

  24. Wayne says:

    Really enjoyed checking out the logos. The Chiefs logo was really great.

  25. João Moreira says:

    Nice logos, some tutorials would be fine.

  26. Claudia says:

    Thanks for your time and work collecting and listing these great sports logos for us.
    Let Me Thank You Again!

  27. Ken says:

    long time reader, first time to actually comment, buddy. lol nywy i just wanna say i just love sports logos. they’re all just so detailed in such a minimalist way. i’m personally a fan of fraser’s works, most of which are here :) but yeah thanks for posting others. nice collection :D

  28. Danny says:

    Nice list!

  29. xozan says:

    Always cool and distinct from other cultures!

  30. Dan says:

    I think many of these are nice. Sometimes, we see current trends really take hold and influence strong similarities in graphic design. As teams desire to keep up with one-another on that front, or they begin to update/overhaul their 20-year old logos for something “fresh” (don’t smack me for that word) this is what happens – the hip and trendy becomes common and desired. Artists often pick up on trends being over-used before the general hiring-entities do. They see “x-organization” having something stylish so they ask for something like it. Currently, the styles we see trending have the multiple bold outlines, angular, pointed edges, sharp intersections of highlights, etc. Organizations looking to update last year and now, in my own experience and project list, are pointing to these as what they want. Sometimes it’s a good call, other times I try to persuade them to dig a bit deeper into their history to make it something really special. But, what can’ya’do?

  31. ishaan says:

    Great post, i get a lot new inspiration in your logo designs.

  32. Andy says:


    I just have one question aren’t most of these Graphic Images not logos?


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