Inspiring Examples of Custom Lettering Logo Designs

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One way to create an absolutely unique logo design is to craft the lettering by hand, as opposed to selecting an existing font. This allows the designer to create the perfect logo with their own custom ligatures, tails and loops. This post showcases 20 inspiring examples of custom lettering logos, each featuring the designer’s initial sketch to show how the hand drawn scripts are converted from pencil to vector.

Pixelo by Gert van Duinen

View the custom lettering logo

Mattrunks by Claire Coullon

View the custom lettering logo

Ink Butter by Alan Ariail

View the custom lettering logo

Scratch by Sergey Shapiro

View the custom lettering logo

Aha-ok by Sergey Shapiro

View the custom lettering logo

The Funtasty by Claire Coullon

View the custom lettering logo

Geek by Claire Coullon

View the custom lettering logo

Thundersnow by Eamae

View the custom lettering logo

The Vanity Cover by Sebastian Boros

View the custom lettering logo

Serendipity by Garth Humbert

View the custom lettering logo

Discourage by Damian King

View the custom lettering logo

Get Dough by Nick Slater

View the custom lettering logo

Cutter by Nick Slater

View the custom lettering logo

Curves are Beautiful by Nick Slater

View the custom lettering logo

Snailzilla by Igor Garybaldi

View the custom lettering logo

PixelCamp by Claire Coullon

View the custom lettering logo

Harmony by Simon Ålander

View the custom lettering logo

The Black Gold by Simon Ålander

View the custom lettering logo

Method by Claire Coullon

View the custom lettering logo

Stoodeo by Sergey Shapiro

View the custom lettering logo

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  1. Great inspiration there! If you would like to learn more about illustrator check out my new tutorial!

    • Yoram says:

      Nice tutorial. I was actually looking for something that would convert pencil into vector. Is there any special software for that? I mean the scanned to vector

  2. Steph says:

    Beautiful post! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks for this great collection of typography :) logo

  4. Isabella says:

    Love the artwork. Logos are so hard to create you make it look so easy.

    Isabella x

  5. wow! thank you for these! on my favorites now…

  6. I really like Mattrunks and Thundersnow. They are clean and stylish. Some of those are just too bold or too hard to read to be effective. Some of them are pretty cool though.

  7. Saya says:

    I always like to do it but was not successful. Never two same letters looks the same and it frustrates me, I envy folks can do it.

    • pauly says:

      haha, Im the same Saya. Ive always thought this type of typography was cool until I tried it. Now I have a much deeper respect for it. Would love to be able to to it too :)
      Just gotta keep trying I guess.

      • Angie says:

        Amen to that! How I have drooled over these curvacious letters and wished to create my own. I can trace with the pen tool no problem, but getting the correct variance in thickness, ligatures, and swirls is the big challenge.

        Tutorial Chris?…. :)

  8. Amybean says:

    Thank you! This post is epic… exactly what I need right now.

  9. Chris says:

    Awesome collection!
    Mattrunks and PixelCamp are my favorites – they’re sick

  10. Yves says:

    Reminds me of school! nice

  11. Great collection! Very inspiring. Thx

  12. Hisman says:

    Whoa cool.. I like Mattrunks

  13. Alessandro says:

    Amazing Gallery!

  14. alice says:

    WOW. Just wow.
    Paper and pencil are still in use!
    Amazing collection. So Inspired.

    Love to see how the process from paper to final.
    (maybe an idea for a tutorial???)

  15. M. Gulin says:

    Snailzilla! Some really snazy lettering!

  16. Alex says:

    Thanks for the really amazing round-up. It sounds that I’m a big fan of Thundersnow by Eamae. They really look like live ones.

  17. Gareth says:

    Thanks for posting these – you cannot beat the paper and pencil approach to all things hand-crafted

  18. Gareth says:

    PS How do I add my pic?

  19. Emma says:

    Fantastic round-up! So inspiring!

  20. Chai says:

    Really love the “Stoodeo” logo… thanks for the amazing round-up.. :D

  21. Tarun says:

    It’s always refreshing to see the creative process, whether designing logos or just sketching out some ideas for fun. Thanks for rounding up these great examples!

  22. Ryan says:

    Very cool. I always love seeing the process that is behind great art. Personally I like the scratch logo and the curves are beautiful. I am an artist but have never been that good at lettering. So there is a hint of jealousy with this post. truly fantastic work

  23. Jassy_leon12 says:

    Logo and graphic designing needs to be perfect to attract huge amount of traffic towards your site. You have done a great job!

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  25. Tina Amany says:

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  26. Stu says:

    I spent hours trying to do a nice hand written logo to convert to vector just the other day. After going through several sheets of paper and tearing my hair out in frustration, I remembered that my girlfriend has nice handwriting! She did a lovely, flowing word for me in about 5 seconds. Now I know what to do next time. Thanks for sharing these examples Chris.

  27. Oliver says:

    Great. I wish i had such a nice handwriting. I did some experiments with my girlfriends handwriting but that wasn’t as nice as these examples.

  28. Magda says:

    super, beautiful typography :)

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  30. These are some really great examples of personal typography. I always like seeing what people design themselves instead of choosing a preexisting font on their computer.

  31. Dhruv says:

    Nice compilation. I also came across Orman Clarke’s They’ve got a nice typo logo. :)

  32. laeeq says:


    again really nice post…keep it up.


  33. Breathtaking post! Thanks for the motivation!

  34. Love this :) Chris, your posts are so neat :) Interesting enough I hand lettered my logo on a bamboo tablet :)

  35. Sonu says:

    Awesome collection :) I like each and every logo.. Creativity!!

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