32 Amazing Inspirational Pieces of Graphic Artwork

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Continuing on from the recent post; Graphic Design Inspiration. Here’s another selection of inspiring Graphic Artwork from a range of extremely talented artists. Selectively picked from Designflavr – a new art and design aggregator pulling together a variety of different art forms such as Illustration, Urban Art and Digital Art to name a few.

































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  1. Sean Hodge says:

    Impressive selection. I added Designflavr to my links in Firefox. It looks great.

  2. Boomstein says:

    What an artgasm! This is truly inspirational stuff. Thanks for putting them together, and well done to those that made these works of art.

  3. Chris Coyier says:

    Nice roundup Chris! Every one of these is downright inspiring.

  4. Myke Cave says:

    Very nice! I never realized just how trendy circles are. Great inspiration here.

  5. Jacob Cass says:

    Great compilation. I love these inspiration posts. I have added it to my Post Dugg :)


  6. Gino says:

    Nice stuff I always enjoy looking at large collections of work.

  7. Fubiz says:

    Excellent selection !

  8. weijian says:

    this is how amazing!!

  9. filiberto says:

    bastante interesante, la verdad es inspirador!

  10. ganesh says:

    awesome usage of colors

  11. mao says:

    amazing selection thanks :) *Loading Inspiration*

  12. Zaione says:

    very nice….

    how did they made them?
    illustrator? photoshop or another program…

  13. kaiyohtee says:

    a little on the repetitive side. some pieces were decent and unique. the problem with most of the current trend of vectors and glows is that they mostly rely on eye candy rather than tension and composition.

    it also would’ve been nice to know who the authors were also rather than ust a link to their web sites.

    nice effort though.

  14. kyle says:

    With one or two exceptions, all of these look the same. That swirly-line-blog look is going to be completely out of style within five years. Mark my words.

  15. iunewind says:

    Thanks for selecting :)

  16. Kaitlyn Angstadt says:

    Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your vast graphic knowledge. As a student, I find that it is unfortunately far too common for professionals to hold out on valuable information, leaving me thirsty for a designer’s education. So, thank you many times over, for inspiring and teaching me something new today. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Philadelphia, PA

  17. Jim says:

    The last one is good because there is a boob. I like boobs.

  18. dendoo says:

    um…they were all amazing in their own way but they kinda all looked alike.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i believe the title you were actually looking for was “trendy swirly shit.” thanks for taking the time to gather all of that up, though.

  20. RMK says:

    I found the image you selected very similar one from another. Neons colors, trendy shapes, centered composition – and what is more important maybe : images telling NOTHING (even if I like Jeff Soto too).

    Making an image that looks cool is quite easy. Making the same image tell something is much harder.

  21. Clive says:

    I love the design of the little boy running and would love to use this photo on some marketing material. Can anyone use this design or do you need permission?

  22. RC PoP Art says:

    Fantastic work. If these images don’t get your juices flowing then you’re juiceless.

  23. Leaky Penny says:

    Some lovely pieces up there, especially the ones that look “hand made”. Getting fed up of this twirly rainbow abstract laser and lights shit anybody with a cracked copy of Photoshop or Illustrator ca come up with.

  24. great work!super insiration!

  25. Dy says:

    really stunning artworks :)
    nice web. i like this :D

  26. john says:

    How does one get started in this type of work – do I need more than PS2? Is there a good book/tutorials/package!

  27. Onir says:

    Awesome material , i would like to know if the author of the image

    would like to sell it or something , it’s awesome and i was thinking of making an A2 poster… please email me if someone knows the author please.

    kind regards

  28. Lazy Girl says:

    Some really beautiful designs here. I’m with Leaky Penny on the twirly laser abstract note tho. It’s interesting stuff- a mix between art and design for advertising.

    Check out some of my design work at I’ve been working on abstract design in photoshop and illustrator for the past 10 years. I hope you find my design slightly different to the stuff you get in the computer art magazines… Ciao x L

  29. ISO 14001 says:

    they were all amazing in their own way but they kinda all looked alike.

  30. they were all amazing in their own way but they kinda all looked alike.


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