10 Awesome SuperHero Speed Painting Videos

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The term speed painting has evolved to become the popular phrase often referring to the technique of recording time-lapse screencasts of the subject of digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. These ten awesome speed painting videos showcase a collection of extremely realistic superhero inspired artworks.





Optimus Prime


The Hulk

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  1. narendra.s.v says:

    wow thats really cool :D i really like that Optimus Prime ;)

  2. amazing, just amazing that people can do something like that.

  3. AK says:

    Ya Dugg and awesome!

  4. Nacho says:

    Freakin‘ Awesome!

  5. Copy112 says:

    They are only so Awsome. Btw, i love your blog Chris

  6. Conrad Gorny says:

    Wow thats a good post. Thanks,

    Conrad Gorny
    Freelance Graphic Designer

  7. it’s great if you add a new layer above your main torn paper, then CTRL-click on the lighter layer, then CTRL-SHIFT-I and fill the new layer with another colour. Then, to make it look like two sdeparate pices of paper, duplicate the paper texture, move it about a bit, CTRL-SHIFT-I again and delete the bottom bit of the NEW texture.

  8. thank you for sharing..

  9. Yep, Nico Di Mattia is a great artist and his speedpaintings – masterpieces. Thanks and Iron Man is my favourite one ;)

  10. Twodaysslow says:

    OMG!! they are awesome, what a talent!! i lov the ironman one hehe

  11. Dirty Blue says:

    That was amazing. I’m going to go paint something now.

  12. the videos are really amazing..i really bow to there talent

  13. that was amazing talent of a person coz its not easy to draw or paint like that. ability to have speed paintings are really great. thanks for sharing :)

  14. This is a great example of modern art well done and thanks very much for sharing it

  15. The pictures are excellent. Specially children will love to see your post. Thanks for developing such an interesting post.


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