The latest little resource to hit the Access All Areas section is my latest WordPress theme. Every time I produce a WordPress tutorial over on Line25 I make the final theme available to Access All Areas members. Typo is a design that’s entirely based on typography to allow the content to shine and makes use of a strict grid to balance the design and tie everything together.

The Typo theme is pretty simple and minimal in design, allowing the main focus to be on the content. All the type is powered by Google Web Fonts, and the theme itself is built with HTML5 and CSS3 code.

View the Typo WordPress Theme Demo



Access All Areas members can download and make use of this theme in their own projects however they wish, use it on your personal blog or even use it as a base for a client’s website.

Note: Unzip the main download package before uploading it to your WordPress themes folder, the actual theme Zip is inside!

Download this file

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  1. Fantastic theme! I really think the background, which looks like some sort of textured paper, really works with typographic themes. Where can a designer find such high quality backgrounds?
    Thanks in advance.


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