TicketStub is the latest theme available exclusively to Access All Areas members. The design of this theme may look familiar if you’re a reader of Line25, because the whole process of the theme build was described in a three part tutorial series. TicketStub is based on a movie review type blog, but it’s clean and simple enough to be used for any kind of website. Members can log in and download the theme as part of their ongoing membership.

TicketStub is a WordPress Theme based on the idea of a movie reviews site, but the overall design and layout makes the theme a perfect choice for any type of blog. Simply switch out the logo and the theme is ready for use.


View the TicketStub theme demo

Key features

  • Clean and simple generic design.
  • Supports WordPress custom thumbnails.
  • Supports threaded and paginated comments.
  • Theme setting page allows you to quickly change the logo and add your own info.
  • Tested in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE8.

Note: Unzip the main download package before uploading it to your WordPress themes folder, the actual theme Zip is inside!

Download this file

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments everyone.
    @Erica – Unzip the main download file, then you’ll be able to upload the actual theme zip file via the uploader under the Appearance > Themes section.


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