A couple of recent tutorials I posted on Blog.SpoonGraphics and Line25 took you through the process of creating a stylish portfolio and building a fully working WordPress theme. A few of my Access All Areas members liked the look of it and wondered if it was going to be released as a premium theme, so I’ve added the finishing touches to make it easily customizable as a ‘public’ theme. If you’re on the lookout for a simple yet stylish portfolio theme to showcase your work, this may be right up your street!

The Portfolio Theme is built as a simple template to help showcase your work. Unlike traditional themes your blog posts don’t display with the usual text based excerpts, in this theme each post is an individual portfolio item which shows as a small thumbnail and ‘see more’ link. Your latest designs are displayed side by side on the Home and Portfolio pages, with each item linking through to a complete overview page where you can write as much information about your work as you like.
A simple settings page has been added to allow you to quickly alter the logo, header and intro sentences, as well as the featured website screenshot on the homepage. If you’d like to make any more advanced edits, the theme comes along with the original PSD file.


View the Portfolio Theme demo

Key features

  • Clean and stylish design
  • Built specifically to showcase your design work
  • Theme setting page allows you to quickly change the logo and add your own introduction
  • Tested in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE8
  • PSD file and ReadMe instructions included

Note: Unzip the main download package before uploading it to your WordPress themes folder, the actual theme Zip is inside!

Download this file

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  1. Ohhh ! I have been waiting for this wp theme! All your themes are so perfect! Thanks Chrissy!


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