LoveGrid is the latest theme available exclusively to Access All Areas members. I’ve been working on the design on and off over the past few months and have finally finished it off as a complete theme ready for you to download and use on your own websites. Are you a fan of grid based designs? This theme might be just up your street!

LoveGrid is based strictly on a grid system to create a structured and balanced layout, but unlike most grid based sites, LoveGrid keeps its gridlines visible for all to see! The ‘Show/Hide Grid’ button in the header allows users to toggle the gridlines on and off as they please. Overall the design is clean and simple with a cool grey subtly textured background, clear typography and eye-catching red link styling. The design also features a large contrasting footer to list out your WordPress categories, link to your social profiles and showcase your best content.


View the LoveGrid theme demo

Key features

  • Clean and simple grid-based design.
  • Cool show/hide grid button toggles gridlines on and off.
  • Supports threaded and paginated comments.
  • Theme setting page allows you to quickly change the logo and add your own social links.
  • Tested in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE8.
  • PSD file included.

Note: Unzip the main download package before uploading it to your WordPress themes folder, the actual theme Zip is inside!

Download this file

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  1. Chris!! You’re coming up with some really really nice themes – can clearly tell they’ve been developed by a very talented designer! They’re a credit to you..
    Thanks for sharing.


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