If you’re an Access All Areas member here on Blog.SpoonGraphics no doubt you’ll be familiar with FanExtra thanks to the range of amazing design resources they’ve supplied for the premium section. If you want to get your hands on thousands more goodies, quality tutorials & video courses as well as make use of unlimited design critiques, this is your chance to win one of five 1 year FanExtra memberships completely free. Alternatively, if you just can’t wait or if you’re not an Access All Areas member, FanExtra has also supplied a special coupon code available for everyone to get their first month for $1 instead of $9.


FanExtra is a members-only community that helps you develop your skills and take your design work to the next level. Members enjoy access to hundreds of advanced tutorials to learn new techniques, thousands of design resources to put to use in your own projects and expert personal tuition with unlimited design critiques to really perfect your talent. With memberships at $9 per month (or less via the quarter or yearly plans) it’s extraordinary value for money and a must-have both students and established designers.

FanExtra Forum

The design critique service via the FanExtra forum community is something that is difficult to find elsewhere and is particularly effective for improving your work through feedback from professionals.

Here’s just a small collection of some of the recent FanExtra resources that really stand out to me:

Design a Typographic Wallpaper Using a Professional Workflow

Design a Beautiful Typographic Wallpaper Using a Professional Workflow

Video Course: Taking Your Design Work to the Next Level

Video Course: Taking Your Design Work to the Next Level

Digital Painting Lesson: How to Create a Photo Realistic Portrait

Digital Painting Lesson: How to Create a Photo Realistic Portrait

FanExtra giveaway for members

Access All Areas are being treated to a giveaway of five 1 year FanExtra memberships. Considering the $69 value for all the design resources, video courses, critique services and tutorials it’s going to be a real steal to get it all for free! To be in with a chance of winning, simply add a comment below giving a brief insight into what kind of design you’re working on at the moment. The five winners will be chosen at random on Friday 20th December 2013 and notified by email.

Enter the FanExtra Memberships giveaway

$1 coupon code for everyone!

If you’re not an Access All Areas member, or if you just can’t wait for the giveaway period to end why not make use of this special coupon code to get your first month FanExtra membership for just $1? Enter the code fanextra1dollar during checkout of the monthly plan to receive your discount.

Get your first month FanExtra membership for $1 (Code: fanextra1dollar)

The Winners!

Congratulations to Marty, Shane, Marcus, Asya and Storm who were all drawn out as lucky winners of FanExtra memberships.

If you didn’t win, you can still give the FanExtra membership a try for just $1, using the coupon code ‘fanextra1dollar‘ at checkout.

A message from Tom:

Being the super nice guy that he is, Tom from FanExtra wanted to say thanks to all the Access All Areas members who took part in this giveaway and share a little message:

We have a fantastic community of creatives, all helping each other and giving excellent feedback to improve. This is the absolute best place to get unlimited, detailed feedback on your design work with specific, actionable tips to improve it. Our members are continually amazed by the quality of work they’re able to produce. Take a look at this piece, created by one of our star members Henk, just 3 weeks into using Photoshop:


If you post you’re work, you’re guaranteed to get me (Tom) and several of our other experts walking you through your project every step of the way. This is what we’re passionate about, and the community is buzzing with talent, be it beginners or veterans.

As well as this unlimited feedback and forum community, you of course get access to the hundreds of tutorials, and thousands of freebies in our members area.

I hope you’ll join our little community, introduce yourself and start levelling up your design work. If it’s not for you, then you’ll get your $1 back, no questions asked. We want every member to get huge benefit from our community, otherwise there’s no point!

Thanks for the awesome comments everyone, and I look forward to working with you soon.


PS: Don’t forget: Using the coupon code ‘fanextra1dollar’ at checkout let’s you get your first month for just $1.’

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  1. OH MEMEMEME!!! Keep the Battlefield and Ghosts stuff coming too on the youtube chris! Great stuff!!

  2. I’m working on projects to wrap up the year and new projects coming in the new year. Pick me, please!

  3. Definitely would LOVE to win a membership! I’m still a newbie in the land of graphic design but I’ve become the unofficial, self-taught “graphic designer” at my architecture firm. I also do a bunch of smaller projects for friends and family (unique resumes, invitations, logos, book designs, advertisements, etc.)

    Keep the posts coming Chris, love your tutorials!

  4. Currently I am working on the packaging for a local bands freshman cd and a logo for a local theater troupe.

  5. As an in-house designer for a community college, resources and professional development opportunities are almost none, but I make it work the best I can. I’m crossing my fingers that I will be one of the winners of a FanExtra membership. Good luck to everyone!

  6. I’m working on a lot of web graphics for small and indie businesses at the moment. I’m a totally self-taught newbie and rely on tutorials like the ones you publish on here and Design Cuts, so this would be a massive help.

  7. Wow, I’m finally getting my designs in order and my portfolio online by doing an intensive retreat during Christmas break. This kind of amazing resource, especially with the critiques and go-to help, would be fantastic for making the absolute most of my designs!

  8. So far I’ve loved the stuff I’ve gotten and have made good use of it. You have a lot of good deals and giveaways. Thanks!

  9. Working on making all the websites, I put together, responsive and mobile ready. Lot of good insight from you and the team.

  10. I’m actually working on a redesign of a candy bar provided by Hershey’s for a collegiate case study!

  11. Looks like a great site! I know my designs could really benefit from the great resources this site offers!

  12. I am a freelance graphic designer who is trying to branch out a small business from home. I have been self teaching myself for the past few weeks on web design and 3-D animation. This is an amazing resource for me to brush up on old skills and learn new skills also. I look forward to each new design project.

  13. Currently Im working on a site for a customer in WordPress which is focused on his American Bulldogs. He has a ton of desires and requests for the site which is pushing my boundaries of WordPress knowledge. Im working on learning how to create real-time Pedigree charts that are linked to a particular dog and give the ability to go back down the tree and click on any progeny to bring up their pedigree database. Its a blast learning this and any extra help I can get with this is a blessing.

    Thank you,
    John B

  14. I am current working on several projects at once.

    I work full time at a corporate office as their in house designer. My current project is an in store point of purchase kit for all the store locations to promote their next product line of pizzas.

    I also do side jobs to make extra income.

    My side jobs right now are creating shirt artwork that will need to be recreated since the client doesn’t have .eps files of their company logo. And making flyers and window cling signage for a new frozen yogurt company.

  15. Happy Holidays, Chris!

    Currently I am working on branding for a Real Estate agent in the Los Angeles area, which if you know LA it’s the second largest occupation next to “the entertainment business” it seems.

    But, I think I would better utilize this opportunity for my school work going forward.

    Excited to see the results!

  16. This site has really aided me in learning how to be a great designer. I learn something new every time I visit the site. Thanks so much for your time and your help. Can’t wait to see what you have next.

  17. Very new. Learned about you from my Typography teacher and I find this site fantastic. I’m studying web design but want to learn graphic arts. This is a great site for a beginner like myself. Thanks,

  18. Hi there! I’m working on a communication project of a french lighting design company. I know that the resources will be very useful.
    Thanks a lot

  19. Hi there! I’m currently working on a heavy metal album sleeve. I’m new here and would love the chance to get to know you guys a lot better. The resources would come in very handy too. You can never have too much stash in your arsenal of tools.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Working on iconic artists and album art artwork project! Knowing how to create photo realistic images would add an awesome touch!

  21. i’m working on making a ‘photo manipulation’ for my band’s first album =) Google : Fly Away (Acoustic Version) by Empty Sky

  22. I’m a design student and I think it would be wonderful to have access to the content of your site to improve my skills and inspiration for future work.

  23. I’m working on a logo for a new client. An inspiring sports person with a jaw dropping personal story.


  24. I would be realy happy to get this membership. I want to take the next step in learning digital painting and photomanipulations with typography.


  25. I was given FanExtra as a Christmas gift one year (because I begged). I loved the resources, and tutorials! I had to let the subscription lapse. Unfortunately couldn’t fit it into the budget. I’m a teacher in the US, and money is tight, both at home and at school. I teach basic and advanced graphic design and electronic publishing classes. I learned so much from the wonderful tutorials that I pass along to my students – would LOVE to have it back.
    I do the playbills and print materials for the plays at our school. Currently, I am working on the graphics and the playbill for our musical, Hairspray. I am also designing the cover for our yearbook. Thanks for an opportunity to gain this resource back!

  26. I’m currently working with illustrations, but plan to broaden that to much more graphical elements. I would love this for that!

    Thank you, Chris! For this and the coupon code! :-)

  27. I’m doing the design and production for 3 books at the moment, each going to be in print and ebook formats. Also doing some marketing literature for a few clients.

  28. I’m currently working with motion graphic design, and video editing. Much of the content is designed in Photoshop/Illustrator and then processed/animated/sequenced. I would love to work with another source of tutorials to expand my capabilities. Thank you for providing the opportunity!

  29. At the moment I am working on a series of vector illustration cartoon characters, its pretty fun but every little bit helps! This would be grand :)

  30. This is my second comment.
    Created my 1$ membership. I am really really loving it. Especially the feedback from the forums, I desperately need this :D
    Pick me please…..

  31. I’ve done enough tutorials on how to load brushes and get a decent enough sketch look with Photoshop. Six years with the program and the usual tuts get old. So, I am currently researching much more advanced techniques. Fan Extra has been awesome in assisting me with this. Not only are there excellent tuts, but, their Design Course has been uber helpful! There is even one-on-one assistance! Who does that!? I really hope to win one of these memberships!
    Thank you for this opportunity!


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