This week Access All Areas members have the chance to win a comprehensive book package from Go Media’s William Beachy. Drawn to Business is an insider’s guide into how he built and runs Cleveland creative agency Go Media with expert tips on how to increase your profits while doing the work you love. Complete Pro and Plus packages are on offer to 2 lucky members. Along with physical and digital copy of the book, these packages also feature tons of additional workbooks, PDF content and video tutorials.

Drawn to Business

In his brand new book Drawn to Business, Bill details his experiences working as a one-man firm from a bedroom in his father’s house and guides the reader through each lesson learned, allowing him to build Go Media into an internationally recognized 15 person firm with clients including Adobe, Progressive Insurance, Pepsi and Nike. A nuts and bolts strategy guide to building a thriving design firm, Drawn to Business appeals to entrepreneurs, freelancers or designers seeking inspiration to push their work to the next level. This isn’t your typical eBook though, Drawn to Business is loaded with tons of extra goodies, such as a Business Plan Workbook, additional PDF learning material, design focused video tutorials and Go Media’s popular Freelance Survival Kit.

Drawn to Business packages giveaway

Two complete Pro and Plus packages are being donated to give away to 2 lucky Access All Areas members:

The Drawn to Business Pro Package

Drawn to Business Pro package

Includes everything you need to transform your design business. You get a physical and digital copy of Drawn to Business plus bonus PDF content and videos, the Business Plan Workbook, 3 design-focused video tutorials, Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry, and all the goodies inside the Freelance Survival Kit. ($397 value)

Drawn to Business Plus Package

Drawn to Business Plus package

Includes a physical and digital copy of Drawn to Business, plus a collection of advice docs, videos and a Business Plan Workbook. ($197 value)

How to enter

To be in with a chance of winning simply add your comment below, giving a brief insight into why you would love to get your hands on one of these amazing Drawn to Business packages. The two winners will be drawn at random on Friday 8th November 2013.

The winners

Congratulations to Victor and Kacey who were drawn as lucky winners of these fantastic Drawn to Business packages.

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  1. I would love to get my hands on it, because i finished my education to a designer here in germany and now i want to start my career. Of course everyone who starts his career need a little help. So I also need a little help :-D

    Have a nice day…
    I hope you understand my english :-D

  2. Awesome giveaway, really! I’ve been dreaming of owning my own design firm. I’ve been doing graphic design works for nearly 9 years now so, this book will only add a useful knowledge to get me one step closer to it.


  3. What a great help to be shared and a great opportunity to learn for those who win it… In my case Im a Self taught designer, dont have plenty years of experience but Im Sure this will help me launch myself and feed my knowledge…

    Thank you Chris for sharing this :D

  4. Would love to get my hands on this! Saw it in a Go Media mail-out a while ago and have been super curious since!

  5. What a sweet give away to the members!

    It will be so helpful to get hand on amazing book with expert’s tips that will help me to extend my knowledge of good designs.

    Many thanks :)

  6. I’d love to get my hands on this, i’ve been a long term follower of both Jeff and William, both have offered me some great advice over the years and this package can only be an awesome thing. To get an insight from people who have learnt so much already is invaluable – also after watching the webinar william has made me more hungry than ever.

  7. Nice one:)
    I would really like to start my own business and stop doing what I don’t like. I work hard every day to make it happen, this will help for sure, at least for my confidence:D


  8. As a new start up company, I’m trying to collect as much information in as short a time frame as possible to grow my business, and this is a one stop shop, I won’t need to buy again!

    Plus I never win anything…..

  9. As a grey haired wage-slave at a design agency, I’ve been contemplating whether I have the guts to set up my own business, before I am too long in the tooth.
    This guide will definitely help on the way.
    The better prepared for the fight I am, the better chances I have in succeeding.

    Count me in and thanks for the chance.

    Best regards,

  10. I have been a graphic designer for 3 decades and have seen major shifts in the industry. I would find it extremely useful to gain insight on how a successful design business functions in an ever expanding world of software, client needs and multiple platforms. I have had success in many areas of the business but am always looking to learn from others. It is the best way to improve and grow.

    By becoming an all access member of this site I have already gained an amazing amount of knowledge and been exposed to things I probably would not have stumbled on.

  11. I’m a college graduate with degrees in Art and Communication Graphic Design and everyday I continue to be a student of life. I love art and have a passion to create something aesthetically appealing to the eye and something that triggers and emotion from the viewer. My goal everyday is to be a better graphic designer and I do everything I can to take the next step to being a better professional. If a winner, I can use these tools to continue to pursue, grow and build my brand. This is an awesome giveaway and I would be geeked to win it.

  12. I’d love to receive the Drawn to Business bundle because it would help me grow my business. I love learning from industry experts who have experienced the same challenges I am facing in growing my agency. The Business Plan Workbook would really help to focus me on my goals and the other books, tutorials and Freelance Survival Kit would provide valuable information to help me reach those goals.

  13. Nice giveaway!

    I always wanted to do my own design business. I believe this giveaway will ‘give me a way’ how to start one!


  14. I’m interested in learning new things and not only in graphic design. Having the opportunity to learn more about the business aspects of the job would be a great plus to my everyday work!

  15. It is my dream to own a successful design business, and this package would go a long way in helping to achieve that dream.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazingly comprehensive package!

  16. I’d love to get my hands on this! I’ve been teaching myself design the last few years and finally decided that I wanted to make it a career and will be starting a graphic/web design degree in the fall! It’d be nice to have the bundle as I’m still a total newbie in college.

  17. I’ve been interested in graphic art since my days of making gifts for people using things like MS Word (really) and MS Publisher. Now that I”ve raised my kids, I’m learning Adobe on my own with books I’ve bought used and checked out from my local library. This would be a welcome addition to my training. Thanks for entering me in the contest. I love all of your stuff!!

  18. The package seems insightful and I’m looking to develop my own brand.

    Everyone wants t work for themselves, right? I believe in the dream.

  19. I’m a Graphic Designer who is looking to grow her Freelance Design business and sell more Graphic printed apparel on Etsy so this package would be a fantastic inspiration!

  20. Cool beans. Thanks for this contest!

    I’m starting a new business venture in 2014. I’m so excited!

    By day I do website revenue optimization and web analytics for a big company.

    And I want to bring this knowledge to little guys like me who don capes at night and run their own little shingle on the web.

    Did you know a few small tweaks to your site can get you more sales – just by looking at your Google Analytics and doing some onsite optimization?

    But these topics are usually dry as toast to study and implement!

    Web stats? bleh.

    Website optimization? Zzzzzzz.

    So, I hope to make it fun and interesting and, most importantly, easy, to for folks to gather and use data to improve their small business.

    But while I’m good with the stats, I can use all the business advice I can get. So the Drawn To Business Package would be an awesome Christmas present. :)

  21. Hi Chris, This would make a perfect gift for my daughter, 21st birthday looming .

    She’s in her final year of Uni studying Digital Art and already realising that they don’t teach you ‘proven business systems and processes for designers’ – and that she’ll need to learn everything, covered in this fab giveaway, to achieve her post-uni start up business goals.

    … and after she’s paid off her student loans, she could employ me :)

  22. I’m really wanting to take the next step in running a business and I’m hoping this will help me in that direction.

  23. I am hoping the skills that I will pick up from this book will help me and 5 other people that I will work with. Thank you for the benevolent offer.

  24. I would love to get my hands on this fantastic prize because nothing helps a budding designer get started like the assistance and expertise from someone who has made it from the ground up!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  25. Iv almost finished my studies as a graphic designer and have been doing freelance work as much as I can during it.

    This would be a huge leg up in getting my own business up and running and bring in much needed money with it. I own Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry and found it to be a great read and drive to do something I love doing, adding this pack to the mix will help me continue to do so with a more focused approach.

  26. I would love to get my hands on this. Taking the next step and would like some real guidance and this will help big time.

  27. I could really use such a great tool and information. I’ve recently gone out on my own after 14 years with the same company. Please pick me!

  28. I am always looking for new information about how to make things better. I’m eager to read.

  29. I’m looking forward to become an independent designer and form my own agency, so this would be a really good foundation.

  30. I’m a freelance marketing and design bod helping small and indie businesses ride out the recession. I’d love to make sure I’m working for them (and me!) in the best way possible so we all make it out the other side together!

  31. I’m planing to go Freelance in the beginning of next year and this package includes lots of interesting and I think also helpful stuff!

  32. I am still just learning the very basics of graphic design and this package would be extremely helpful and inspirational.

  33. As a new designer, every resource is essential to me and been impressed with the GoMedia packs I bought recently, this new book will add to my arsenal of resources to get the most for my clients.

    Just as my webdesign makes a difference to peoples lives, having this book let me make a difference to my local community through my design work.

  34. Would really love this. At the moment I’m in the process of opening my firm (and hating the paperwork : ). So this would be like manna from heaven for me right now.

  35. This is something I’ve seen a number of times however it’s way out of my price range.

    I don’t often enter prize draws but this is one that would be such a fantastic opportunity for someone such as myself. I have been looking ways to get a business started and this information would be vital.

    I’d be a great bloke for this prize. Short of saying “PICK ME PICK ME”, I’ll leave it at that.

    Cheers Chris

  36. GoMedia’s work ROCKS. I’d love to get my hands on this kit from peeps I respect this much. I’m ready to expand my business, and could use the structured guides. Either that or I will attempt to be abducted by aliens to gain some new insights…

  37. I would love to get my hands on the package because I am thinking of growing my own business more and more everyday. I’m still studying and after an internship at a big media company in Germany, the question came up: Is that what I want to do? Do I really want to be such a small part of such a big company? I think the answer is: No. And this leads to thousands of new questions which I hope to answer with the help of the package :-)

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  38. I would love to get my hands on this awesome prize pack! I’ve been doing freelance work since I was (no joke) 16 years old, and have finally made a business of it. I’m ready to take it to the next level and push myself for the better of my business AND my art. I would love to have some of the guidance and insights William Beachy has to offer!

  39. I am in the process of starting my own design business and I would love to get my hands on a copy of this book. I am sure the insights Mr. Beachy has would be helpful to my future.

  40. Self taught freelance illustrator and designer from Scotland on the verge of launching my business. Winning a kit like this would go beyond supportive!

  41. I was thrown into the vortex of motherhood last year. Then I started getting calls to do freelance GD work.

    I now want to develop this into a full time gig…. (Cue winning the prize pack to complete my dream).

  42. It would be very nice to have the book! I will help me a lot for a new design studio I plan to establish with my teammates! Thank you for this! Good luck to all!

  43. Because I’m still in the one-man-in-the-bedroom phase. THAT is why I need this book! :-)

  44. William’s story is very inspirational. I would love to add this to my toolbox to aid my career.

  45. I suppose I’m like most everyone on here, looking for how to best approach design while taking the steps to being able to be my own boss in a competitive world.

    I’m an active mother of three boys who are all in school full time now, and I’d love the chance to make my own hours and better my business approach.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  46. Expert tips from GO MEDIA while doing the work I love? What’s not to love of this giveaway?
    Thank you so much for the giveaway and good luck to you all…

  47. Having this helpful information would help expand my skill set and because a little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

  48. As they say: OMG! This is what I need and want! I am in serious need of guidance as a freelance designer, who is just at the beginning. Love to design and create, but I find it so hard to start your own business – especially at this point in time, when everyone is down sizing and saving on marketing.

  49. Wow!! This looks wonderful. It would really be of great help as I’m about to go full-time freelance very soon.

  50. I am looking forward to starting a related business when I retire after 30 years of teaching Graphic Communications! This will help tremendously!

  51. I’ve done some freelance and personal work, but would love to turn this into something more profitable for myself.

  52. Well, if this kit is anything like their mockup templates, it will be a wonderful addition to the creative library.

  53. I would really love to have this, because i am just starting to get into graphic design business and would love to have good guidance :)

  54. Like more than one member who’s commented here, I’ve slowly taught myself off-and-on graphic design over the last several years. My wife is a photography hobbyist who been teaching herself Photoshop for almost a year now.

    Both of us have hoping to spin these efforts into an Etsy store (opening soon) and graphic design studio in the future. I’m a civil servant (don’t laugh, please), so it would be helpful to gain some insight into the business side of graphic design.

  55. As a freelance web developer I would love to get my hands on this book and resources. Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. As a self taught designer and web developer, I’m currently doing a little freelancing and very much interested in learning how to develop my business.

    This would be an extremely good read.

  57. Pues que puedo decir, que no hayan dicho mis colegas antes, seria de gran utilidad para mi trabajo diario. Les agradecería me tengan en cuenta, saludos desde Argentina!!!

  58. What a wonderful giveaway! It’s terribly hard to work as a creative and be business-savvy at the same time. These skills just seem like they exist on the opposite sides of the spectrum! And yet you need both if you want your career to move forward. I think this bundle will be a great help for any designer, rookie or pro. :)

  59. I would greatly appreciate this prize to simply help grow my 5’x7′ studio business…I jumped in with both feet a year ago and I want some help/tips on growing this career.

  60. Would love to get my hands on this awesome prize to use it for motivation and incentive to help me continue pushing forward growing my business.

    I understand that it includes everything I need to transform my design business. I need that!

  61. Both packages being offered in this giveaway are terrific, and winning either one would be great! I’m currently part of a startup design business, and the information being provided through these resources would be a great help in ensuring we get off on the right foot.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter into this drawing!

  62. Let’s see:
    trying to start a business in bedroom-check
    one man trying to have a go at it – check
    seeking inspiration to push my work to the next level – check
    low on funds, but want to learn more, which requires funds, but this is free because all I have to do is comment – check
    member of design cuts – check

    Okay, I’m in. Adding this to my ever growing library to build me a decent knowledge and an additional resource link. Hope this applies to being a freelance designer.
    Thanks for the opportunity.


  63. I would love to get my hands on one of these because I want to get my freelance business up and going, and I don’t know where to begin. I’m totally overwhelmed by it, and would love to know how to start!

  64. Always keep learning, that’s the motto I’ve lived by for all my years in business. I’d love to add some GoMedia smarts to the arsenal. Plus, it’s rather dashingly designed, go figure ;)

  65. This is perfect! Being a marketing major AND a graphic design major, this pack is loaded with pro grade stuff in the style of big businesses!

  66. Would love to learn some insider tips on building a business by someone who’s done it successfully. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. I’ve been reading about this book on the Go Media blog since it came out and it sounds great. Perhaps I’m not the best candidate for this giveaway, but I’m throwing my hat in anyway! I’m very new to graphic design but I’m an artist and I’ve been trying to start up my business for a few years now. GD is the latest addition to my personal artistic arsenal and I think it’s more likely to be the major bread-winner, so I’m sure this book would help me!

  68. Definitely would be a good way to try out new things, mixing my own experiences with that of another’s ideas and progress. Very nice pack.

  69. Have been in the graphic design business for several years but a guide like this will be very useful in order to change the way the design worls is changing

  70. I would love to learn from someone else’s experience how they built a successful design business. The information will be useful as I seek to grow my own company.

  71. Cool giveaway! I’m a self-taught designer with plans to start my own event planning/design business, and am sure this will be super helpful (:

  72. Would love to get my hands on one, gain more knowledge, training and sharpen my skills. Few designers and I are working hard to elevate the design quality and demand in our state. This will be a great help to us to elevate our perspective!

  73. I would love to get my hands on one of these amazing Drawn to Business packages cause I am 3 years unemployed after 10 years at graphic design companies.

    Now I am trying to set up my graphic design business and every help would be just great! I am living at Greece with unemployment rate at 26.8% (Mar 2013).

  74. I;m just starting to think about the designed world and this looks like a great place to start.

  75. I’m about to take a big step; starting up my design firm (being an entrepreneur is a big thing in Bihar, India. Difficulties faced while starting up adds to the “big”-ness). The firm specializes on branding, print design, websites design, development. This is absolutely the thing which is gonna help me in my way to betterment.

    And GoMedia’s work are so inspiring. All of their work are masterpieces. Their podcasts are so awesome.

    This is one great Giveaway. I appreciate this giveaway so much.

    Best wishes to everyone because no matter who gets, this is a really great pack, great resource.

    // Thanks to Chris I could get access to my account in time to participate in this Giveaway (:

  76. I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge. Having worked in-house design for quite a while, I’d love to increase my success with side projects and outside work.

  77. I’m looking to expand my freelance business into more of an agency. This would be a great tool to have!

  78. I’m 24 Y.O and own a small firm in Santa Fe NM. On the side I teach little kids the basics of graphic & web design at a small montessori school in Espanola ( a small and very poor town). This package would aide me in building up my own business and influence my style of teaching and interacting with the kids.

    Thank you Chris for sharing this awesome deal. Best of luck to everyone : )

  79. I tell you, now with Design Cuts, Spoongraphics & Go Media on the same page I hardly ever find myself looking to other websites for inspiration. You guys are real gems and I appreciate everything you’ve got going on.

    As far as my interest in the book, I am looking for further resources to get the ball rolling with setting up my personal business.

    Thanks again, Chris. Really coming through!

  80. This package sounds pretty spectacular. I am a self-taught designer and independent contractor and still have so, so much to learn. I’ve worked in marketing and PR for the past 8 years and really want to start a career that combines my two career passions. I feel like Drawn to Business might be just the tipping point I need to advance my professional goals.

    Plus, I’m a really nice person :)

  81. I love to get my hands on this. This could take our small business to next level. I’m also curious about the Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide. We’re a week away of launching our little brand.


  82. After doing freelance design work for around two years now, I really want to land a job with a professional company, this book i feel would help me refine all my skills and my current work so that I can take that final step to land my dream jobs.

    Cheers! Good luck to everyone.

  83. Easy-peasy: to take a pinch of inspiration and get a kick of motivation and get to uni next year.

  84. Business is such an important aspect in the design industry. Whether it is running a design business or designing for a client with the their business in mind. For me, business and design are always connected.

    For me having a business strategy is essential and as well as implementing it (the tough bit).

    These packs are incredible tools learn, grow and refine both design and business skills into true mastery.

  85. I’m a freelance graphic designer who has been struggling for 3 years now to find my niche. I’m semi successful, but could definitely use some help.

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