A new website launch in the design community is Logo of the day, from designers Jacob Cass and Jeff Fisher. Logo of the day serves up the best logo designs on a daily basis making it a perfect place to head for some branding inspiration.

There is already a wide variety of awesome logo designs in the gallery, here are a few of my favourites:

Due to the recent launch of Logo of the day, a range of prizes can be won in exchange for the promotion of the site, you could win the following:

• Prize 1: 2x Photoshop World Tickets for Boston or Las Vegas (Worth $600!)
• Prize 2: 1x Copy of the book American Corporate Identity 2007 (Worth $45)
• Prize 3: 1x Copy of the book The Big Book Of Layouts (Worth $50)
• Prize 4: 1000x Business Cards From UPrinting.com (Worth $50) (Free post to US & Canada only)
• Prize 5: A signed copy of Jeff Fisher's Book, Identity Crisis

• To win prize 1: Write a blog post about the new Logo of the day website.
• To win prize 2: Comment on your favourite logo design on the Logo of the day site.
• To win prize 3: Suggest a logo design using the form on the Logo of the day site.
• To win prize 4: Stumble Review the Logo of the day site.
• To win prize 5: Subscribe to the Logo of the day RSS or Email feed.

For further competition details check out Jacob's original post over at Just Creative Design.

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  1. I discovered this website yesterday. The logos are great, but what I don’t like at all is the fact of having to hover on each logo to see it with full colors. Maybe it’s to focus on the shapes too, but I feel it’s useless. Luckily, there’s a RSS feed. I’ll stick to that.

  2. A friend of mine gave me the link of that site and I can see a lot of potential in it. I love the fact that when someone suggests a logo you have to describe the logo and why it should be considered. I believe such questions has a profound positive effect on the logos that will be submitted. :)

    Also it is great to know that the judges are well known individuals with experience.

  3. pretty inspiring prices.

    Interesting..I took a note from the colors and style it’s easy to tell it’s Jacob Cass design – am I right? :) Maybe new site is based on Your theme? Just wondering, however – I’ll follow up for progress. Good luck! :)

  4. Sebastian,
    Please pass a thank you onto your friend for recommending the site :)

    You would be correct in your assumption, my design :)

  5. I like the site, it’s good to have a place to go for logo inspiration. However I am also not ecstatic about the hover effect on the site. I feel like it’s more for a “looks real cool” effect than for usability.

  6. This blog is going down the toilet!

    The quality of content on this site for the last 6 months has been dismal. Once again this post is disappointing. It is a rehash and advertisement for someone else’s blog.

    The owner of this site is clearly more interested in winning prizes than submitting quality content.

  7. Justin,
    I have since removed the hover effect after running a poll on my website asking for feedback.

    I would have to beg to differ Zorbod… Not all blog owners can keep the same pace up throughout the year… freelancers go though busy times.

    Chris is a regular contact and I requested him personally to write this article… I am certain he would have posted this article even without the prizes – that is what is so great about the design community.

    Not to scrutinise but what are you giving back to the community?

  8. Is your ‘logo of the day’ site down Jacob? The admin panel was showing when I just visited it a second ago.

    Have you noticed that when people say unconstructive negative things they never have a link to their own website available. Funny that.

  9. It was down for about 30 minutes – I changed hosting accounts to a clustered account and also changed the name servers.

    Yes, it always seems that way (re people hiding).

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