A free collection of vector animal silhouettes, featuring a range of land based mammals alongside some aquatic life. As always, feel free to download and use in your personal or commercial projects.

Free Vector Animal Silhouettes

Free Vector Animal Silhouettes

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800kb | 1 x AI | 1 x EPS | 1 x GIF

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  1. Great silhouettes, super useful! and you were faster than me I was going to do freebie just like that :) Made a great job congrats

  2. Thank You very much, i was looking exactly for somethinh like this!

    awsome job m8 ;)

  3. Hey…
    thank you, you are very helpful for my project.
    someday in the future i will donate into this site ;)

  4. NIce pack, thanks. Hopefully we’ll get a job to do a zoo website now, we’ll be all prepared and ready to go withy these.

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