Following on from the recent release of free high-res watercolour Photoshop brushes here we have another collection of 7 more huge 2500px brushes. Add them to your collection along with set one and the high-res spraypaint brushes!

Download Free Photoshop Brushes
9.68mb | 1 x ABR (CS3)

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  1. Hi I really enjoy your free packs. And I was wondering if you had any plans on perhaps making a tutorial of how you create brushes like these. I have always wanted to try but never knew how. Thanks again for your great packs.

  2. Thanks Chris, they really come in handy right now! :)
    Btw set 1 was already awesome.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your packs!

  3. I never knew these things existed!

    I’m always creating my own brush stroke elements from scratch… but that can also be fun – spending a few hours away from the computer getting all inked up and dirty!

    Great post – it’s really good to know these are available – we don’t always have the luxury of extra time to play with inks.

  4. Nice tutorial and btw, I’ve made a brush (.abr) file but its size is too huge. And in your brush download link above, there is 7 brushes in a set and its size is just approx 10 MB?? Mine is around 80 MB n thats also just a single brush!!
    Any direction??


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