Spoonzilla is here, downloadable as your very own desktop calendar! Available as both a printable fold-up ornament to decorate your office desktop, or in a range of common resolutions for your computer screen.

Simply download the PDF, print and fold along the dotted lines. Stick the flap to the rear of the front panel to form a triangular structure that will sit right at home on your desktop!

Alternatively, cause mayhem on your virtual desktop with these downloadable Spoonzilla wallpapers.





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  1. I looked at smashing magazines january calendar post and it was all festive holiday looking wallpapers for the most part. This on the other hand is something I can show my little sister and get giggles =D

  2. Wow.. I really loved it. Soo cute and nicely done. A stuffed animal would be overdose of cuteness. (-:

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