This month’s calendar features this hardcore martial arts trained ninja monkey, don’t mess with him – he’ll go bananas on you! Available as both a printable fold-up ornament to decorate your office desktop, or in a range of common resolutions for your computer screen.

Simply download the PDF, print and fold along the dotted lines. Stick the flap to the rear of the front panel to form a triangular structure that will sit right at home on your desktop!

Alternatively, monkey around on your virtual desktop with these downloadable wallpapers.





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  1. Hey, is anybody else having trouble downloading the images? A window opens up that can’t be copied when I try to open it. Can somebody post the image url for the 3rd image?

  2. well this series of printable desktop calenders is really fantastic …. Thanks a lot Spooner ..

  3. I have a 1440×900 MBP so that would be cool or just whatever high res you’ve already got. That would be awesome! Good work, BTW

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