Big hair, mix tapes, boom boxes, BMX, roller skates and skateboards were all icons of the 1980s. This vector pack contains them all, plus more retro goodness! The pack contains 11 scalable vector graphics, for use as icons or as resources for your illustrations or design projects.

1985 vector pack preview


Vector boombox

Vector mix tape

Vector roller skate

Vector skatebord

Download the vector pack 1x AI, 1x EPS, 1.6mb

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  1. I Chris
    are this vector for commercial use?
    Thanks for another awesome work

  2. Once again a great pack! :)

    I’m going to look into getting a BMX this summer, I’m hoping to build one up from scratch from both old and new parts!

    I’ve bookmarked this pack so I can include it in any future round-ups I do across the design community! ;D

    • thanks chris Im sure these will come in handy –
      ill try and use tham in a tutorial over at my blog (digital art empire )

      really loving the 80’s too :

  3. I Chris

    are this vector for commercial use?

    Thanks for another awesome work

  4. These are really unique and innovative! We went ahead and featured them on our site along with your links. Keep up the great work, it’s nice to see some fresh talent!

  5. Just discovered your site…
    Great stock, love they icons the t.v and tape could be very useful…..sorry for my english and thx for the content….

  6. Great set of vectors, thanks!

    This is the first time I’ve visited this blog and I’d like to say how great the design work is, wow! I’ve bookmarked it and will definitely be revisiting regularly. I took a quick look at your wordpress theming tutorial and that also looks great.

    Thanks Chris.

  7. Love it! This is my era, and I’ve still got those skates. The mullet is thankfully long gone.

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