Hot foil stamping is a special finish that gives printed material such as business cards or packaging a feeling of quality and luxury. Common foils include silver, gold and the more psychedelic holographic foils that reflect a full spectrum of colours. These extravagant foils are applied at the print stage by industrial machines, but designers are starting to simulate the appearance in their digital artwork to add artificial foil effects to designs that are viewed on screens. I’ve been busy creating a free set of textures that you can use to produce holographic foil effects in your own designs. Use them with Clipping Masks to give your text and other design elements a vivid, shimmering, iridescent appearance.

10 Free Textures To Simulate Holographic Foil Print Effects

This collection of holographic foil textures contains 10 high resolution 4000x3000px 300ppi JPEG images of vibrant colours similar to the appearance of iridescent holographic foil. Each texture contains a unique mix of colours and patterns to provide a variety of options to choose from. Every texture is finished with a rippled effect to give it a realistic and tactile appearance.

Download My Free Holographic Foil Textures

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  1. Wow, awesome foils Chris!!!! Can you teach how to create some of these babies? Hugs from Brazil

  2. Hi,
    Why does your site no longer recognize my email address?
    Been a member for a few months now.

    • Hi Alan, could it be the case you’re a newsletter subscriber rather than an Access All Areas member? The only time you need to log in to download the premium resources

  3. Lovely! These are just lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work (and words of graphic wisdom)!

  4. I have been using the net since day one, and try to be very selective about who to follow. Your work and your website…very good. Thanks !

  5. Whaaa? So cool! Thanks for these textures! I’m excited to add them to my collection. You are the coolest.

  6. Thanks for sharing this awesome freebie!
    Just found your blog and I’m hooked~~can’t wait to check out the tutorials and fill my brain with your fun, creative approaches!

  7. Oh these are really cool. Thanks so much Chris.

    Weirdly, I’m no longer receiving notifications from you about your latest posts. I’ve thankfully found out about the last couple freebies via someone else but I prefer to get them through you so I don’t miss anything. Did you send out a notice about resubscribing when the GDRP came into place? I’m curious if it has to do with that even though I’m not in the EU. I’m wondering if I need to re-subscribe. What do you suggest?

    • It could be that a spam filter has decided to randomly start flagging my emails? There’s no harm in entering your details again in the subscribe boxes to see if that helps solve the problem!

  8. Chris Spooner many many thanks for sharing with us about the 10 free textures simulate holographic foil print effects. Waiting for your next post. Thanks

  9. WHERE ARE THEY? This is the second and LAST time I fell for this scam. You ask people to subscribe and then never send anything. I has happened before.

    • Hi Peter, the download starts as soon as you hit the download button. Depending on your browser it might bring up a dialogue window or automatically place them in your Downloads folder.
      Subscribing is optional, but people who do subscribe get everything in my resources bundle anyway. Did you ever receive the confirmation email?

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