Some of the best TV advertisements of all time have been those promoting the top Beer and Lager brands. Many of which tend to stray away from the product itself, allowing for a more creative and viral campaign that manages to capture the nature of the average male’s lifestyle. Here are my top 5 favourite Beer and Lager specific TV commercials, limited to those that have been aired on UK TV, but this should allow for a couple you may not have seen before!

Number Five – Fosters “Well You Wouldn’t Want a Warm Beer…”

The latest spot of a series that has been going a while now, expressing the lengths a guy goes to in order to keep his beer cool!

Number Four – John Smiths “You’re Barred!”

A brand that reflects on it’s Yorkshire roots by setting it’s latest series of “You’re Barred” ads in a typical northern English pub, promoting the plain and simple; ‘no nonsense’ image of John Smiths Extra Smooth Bitter.

I have to mention a couple of older John Smiths ads, particularly Top Bombing and Monster with the legendary Peter Kay.

Number Three – Stella Artois “Last Wishes of a Dying Man”

Going back a few years to a series of ads Stella Artois set in a vintage period of rural France. Another ad that expresses the male inability to resist a pint!

Number Two – Carling “Frustration”

The best of another series which had an advertisement relating to a number of adjectives, this one for ‘Frustrating’ is another that plays on the nature of the average man and his inability to resist beer.

Number One – Budweiser “Whasssuupppppp”

My favourite by far has to be the ‘Whassssuuup’ series from Budweiser, a viral that spread around every home, school and workplace and is still recognised today! With even an inclusion in a film in the way of Scary Movie in the year 2000.

You know what to do next time you answer the phone…

Also checkout the hilarious spoof version “What Are You Doing?”

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