I regularly surf the web and read up on articles and information relating to general blogging and the internet in general. The articles that stuck in my mind the most were those in video format. These five videos contain valuable information partcularly useful to startup bloggers, covering the topics of what a blog is, how to setup a blog, how to use RSS and social bookmarking and how to optimise your blog for search engines, all presented in a simple to understand fashion and with amusing prose and character; particularly those from Common Craft.

What is a Blog?

Common Craft

Optimising Your Blog for Search Engines

Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Matt Cutts

Establish a Subscriber Base With RSS

Common Craft

Spread Your Content With Social Bookmarking

Common Craft

Not to forgot, a large collection of useful videos on regularly updated topics over at ProBlogger

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  1. Nice roundup man! Looks like 3 of them have borked now though. That’s weird I wonder why? It’s not like they are illegal clips of TV shows or anything…

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