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Video Tutorial: Dripping Slime Type Effect in Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating a gooey slime effect with some custom type. You could apply this to your own hand lettering pieces, but I’m going to be using a ready made font, which I’ll be customising with the vector drip shapes. Once the outline is complete, we’ll then add some bright colours to make the ooze radioactive, then use a simple trick with the brush tool to draw some highlights.

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How To Create Vector Avatar Characters with Adobe Illustrator

It’s always fun making character illustrations, but even more so when that character is based on an actual person! Cartoon style avatars are commonly used for their balance between resembling the person they’re representing, whilst retaining some anonymity. In today’s tutorial we’ll use the vector tools in Adobe Illustrator to produce a simple avatar character with a line art style and flat colours. We’ll build the character in such a way that it’s somewhat modular, where multiple personas can be built from one basic foundation.

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Video Tutorial: How To Draw a Rocket in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to play around with various shapes to build a simple little rocket spaceship. We’ll use basic shapes to not only make creating the illustration easy, it also gives it a stylised, cartoon like appearance. After building the outlines we’ll add some colour to bring it to life, then I’ll show you some techniques for producing different kinds of illustration styles.