Posts from February, 2012

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35 Beautiful Examples of Vector & Vexel Art Portraits

Vector and Vexel Art are two techniques of creating highly realistic images using Photoshop or Illustrator. As the name suggests, Vector Art is built entirely of vector graphics whereas Vexel art is pixel based, but the process is very similar in that layers and layers are drawn to form the overall portrait. The more layers, the smoother and more realistic the final piece. This post showcases 35 outstanding examples of beautiful vector/vexel art portraits by a group of talented artists.

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Inspirational Showcase of Logo Designs with Wings

History provides us with plenty of winged designs from old air force emblems and pin badges, but more recently we can see designers taking inspiration from military aviation and using the style of winged badges in their logo work to create prestigious designs. This post showcases 30 inspirational examples of modern day logo designs each featuring its own set of illustrated wings.