Posts from December, 2010

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Watercolor Photoshop Brushes for Premium Members

This week Access All Areas members can download another set of Photoshop brushes to add to their resources folder. This super set of Watercolor brushes from Vandelay Premier features 17 high resolution brush strokes, created manually from actual watercolor paint and brushes. Anyone who has followed any of the tutorials here on Blog.SpoonGraphics knows how useful Watercolor brushes in particular are for distressing and roughing up a design.

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Blog.SpoonGraphics Design Tutorials: Greatest Hits 2010

2010 has been a another good year for me. As I’ve declined my number of client projects in order to spend more time working as a ‘blogger’ I’ve been able to put more time into writing tutorials, making them more in-depth and detailed. It’s fab to see my tuts helping people out and gaining exposure on the web. Here’s a roundup of my ‘greatest hits’ this year according to StumbleUpon ‘thumbs up’ stats. Surprisingly a few of the most popular were topics I never expected to do so well, and on the contrary some posts I put some real sweat into never seemed to take off in comparison!

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Moo MiniCard Giveaway for Access All Areas Members

The awesome folks from online printing company Moo have kindly arranged a giveaway of their popular MiniCards to Access All Areas members. A total of 700 cards will be split between three lucky winners. Being part of the design industry I’m sure you will have heard of Moo, they provide super high quality business card, postcard, greeting card and sticker prints worldwide, and are well known for their modern technologies allowing you to print a different design on each card.